This Fan-Made Crash Bandicoot Game Remakes A Hidden GBA Minigame

This Fan-Made Crash Bandicoot Game Remakes A Hidden GBA Minigame ...

When we reviewed Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time last year, we've been eager to hear more information about the orange blur. Unknown Door Games is planning a fan project that will accomplish this in a slightly less official manner.

The developer announced that their fan-made title, Crash 'N' Dance, would be a remake of Crash Nitro Kart's secret Crash minigame 'Crash Party USA,' which we never knew we needed.

FierceTheBandit shared the following tweet in a short video showing the game's first two rounds, promising that additional updates would follow shortly:

'Crash Party USA' (formally called 'Crash Party') was introduced as a hidden minigame in Vicarious Visions' GBA Nitro Kart console crossover, before resurfacing with its more common title in Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy and Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage console crossover. The game could only be accessed on GBA by holding down 'L' and 'R' when powering up the system.

The remake of FierceTheBandit aims to maintain the same button-timed gameplay as the original, and even incorporates a GBA-inspired pixel art style for an extra nostalgia punch (video below) and we're looking forward to seeing Crash bust more moves as progress on this remake.

We don't have any information on when we'll be able to take Crash 'N' Dance for a spin, but we are certainly willing to get back into the Wumpa Island vibes as soon as we can.

What hidden minigame would you like to see recreated? Leave your mini-dreams in the comments below.

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