Hell Pie review is crass, sass, and a whole lot of ass

Hell Pie review is crass, sass, and a whole lot of ass ...

I consider myself to be a versatile gamer. RPGs and horror are my go-to genres, but I also enjoy a wide spectrum of games, particularly those that played a role in my obsession with gaming, one of which is platformers. The genre is a bit like my bread and butter, as it introduced little Kayleigh to a whole new world. However, they are quite childish by nature.

It isnt a bad thing, I love Crash Bandicoot, Sonic, Klonoa, and the rest, but sometimes I want a game that isnt afraid to push some boundaries. I appreciate the innuendos in Crash 4, especially the level name Ship Happens, my friend.

Hell Pie is a platformer about a little demon known as Nate that I knew little about until last week when my pal and colleague Nathan mentioned it. I don't know, but both are sharp-shooter with a fondness for bright shirts. The Devil wears Prada.

Nate, the Demon of a Bad Taste, who happens to be from hell, is having a wonderful day at work as the lava flows out, the damned face their agony, and the little guy files his paperwork. But then Satan himself makes a personal call, during which he informs Nate that he is now responsible for his birthday pie. No, this isnt supposed to be Nates job, but someone is dead, and Satan cant reach the chef.

The chef goes into a blind panic as the fool hasnt got all of the ingredients he needs to make the pie. He does, however, have a list of what you need to get.

The goal of the game is to take you to different places on Earth in search of some of the most degrading foods known to humanity (pus eye, anyone?) But you also get to pick up a little cherub named Nugget, a blonde angel who was left naked since god made him and the citizens of hell kidnapped him. Hes quite jolly, which is quite surprising given that he is surrounded by his dead brethren when we pick him up.

Nuggets are critical to completing the various levels you must complete, as you can leverage them to swing across vast gaps, all while revealing his life story. For example, did you know that he used to be in a band where he played the flute, but it isnt a flute, its a kazoo? It's the riveting conversation like this that makes the hunt for pie ingredients fun.

The little cherub has a lot more to offer than just swinging. You can even offer him some of the most disgusting food Ive ever had the fortune of seeing. However, the fluorescent green gas he emits afterwards appears to indicate that Nugget enjoys it.

Throughout your journey, you encounter all kinds of enemies, which presents another use for Nugget, as you swing him at your foes. Its all good fun, and there's something strangely poetic about using what's basically a naked baby to defeat hordes of poops with guns and knives. There's a sentence I never thought I'd say, but yes, the poo is out to grab you.

The platforming in Hell Pie is solid, although Nate does occasionally jump farther than you would anticipate, but this is something you can adapt to. There are a lot of ledges to climb over, obstacles to avoid, and enemies to defeat. It's exactly what you want from the genre.

Better yet, you should always pay attention to what you see. Trust me. This game is an 18 for a reason. From the scenery to the enemy types, to Nate and Nugget themselves, you can see how it differs from Crash Bandicoot in the best way possible.

To top it off, the level design is solid, with each hub world being a joy to explore while also allowing you to get diverse rewards, from outfits to questionable food to feed Nugget. Having a good look around the hub is also how you discover lambs to sacrifice and alters that give Nate new horns.

When you reach the first hub world, make sure to watch the tutorial, which explains how your first pair of horns may assist you in navigating the area by pointing you in the direction of levels and points of interest. If you don't utilize them correctly, navigating the various worlds in Hell Pie may be a nightmare.

As any platforming expert knows, Hell Pie suffers from a series of performance limitations when it comes to Nintendo Switch. It's just so happen I was jumping over a stream of poop at the time. I call it a disaster.

There's the odd time when the game goes so slowly it's almost like it's frozen. Admittedly, I've only experienced this once or twice, but situations like this might be problematic for some people. As the game is a lot of fun, it's also a great time.

Hell Pie looks great, the art style is superb, and the game has a fun aesthetic that perfectly captures the dumb adventure that you're on with Nate and Nugget. Furthermore, a good soundtrack helps bring everything together in an almost neat bow.

I highly recommend that any platformer who wants to learn this game get it, as the performance issues are addressable and can be fixed with a patch. For the narrative, satisfying platforming segments, and humorous characters alone, this is a title that deserves your attention, especially if you're after something a little more adult. It's a very warm day in hell, my friends.

Hell Pie review

Hell Pie is one of the worst platformers Ive ever encountered for some time, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a rude, funny, and hilarious platformer. Yes, it does have some performance issues, but they are manageable in comparison to the wonderful time it will give you.