The Minecraft map is actually eighteen times bigger than Earth

The Minecraft map is actually eighteen times bigger than Earth ...

Any Minecraftmap you create is innately filled with surprises and dangers. Its not just the standard Minecraft mobs or the Warden; almost everything around you is dangerous from water, random caves, and gravity itself. According to official findings from one investigative YouTuber, the Minecraft map is also, apparently, substantially larger than earth.

Minecraft is also a sandbox game with its own rules and logic. In real life, you'd probably struggle to smash down a tree, but in Minecraft, your powers are all child's play, and you're able to breed villagers virtually at will, and there's still a lot of magic to follow.

Because you are sufficiently looking into things, you can actually learn a lot about the world, even the stuff it does not tell you. Most of the time, asking someone to calculate how massive a Minecraft world is or how heavy a building is is isnt going to yield answers, but Minecraft YouTubers are some of the most intelligent people on the planet.

CraftyMasterman has released a video explaining a lot about Minecraft worlds, including the fact that they are roughly eighteen times bigger than the Earth in volume. From a physics standpoint, this video will cover everything you need to know.

It also discusses the sheer dangers of Minecraft Redstone being radioactive, which we discussed a few weeks ago. Maybe going around and mining everything in sight is a bad idea, at least without knowing what you're actually mining. Stick to Minecraft diamonds if you want to stay safe.

If you prefer to ignore physics rather than learn about them, you should look at our Minecraft enchantments guide, because nothing feels better than disregarding the laws of nature. Weve also covered Minecraft copper, which is much safer to work with than Redstone.