Spec leaks for GPD Win 4 Steam Deck competitor AMD APU suggest a faster CPU

Spec leaks for GPD Win 4 Steam Deck competitor AMD APU suggest a faster CPU ...

The GPD Win 4 Steam Deck competitor's specifications have been leaked, and the handheld gaming PC appears to have apunchierAMD APU. It also appears to have a significantly higher resolution screen than the Valves portable powerhouse, but there's no word on whether it will match the Deck's pricing point.

The GPD Win 4 Steam Deck competitor, according to YouTuber Cary Golomb, comes equipped with an AMD 6800U APU, 16GB or 32GB of LPDDR5-6400 gaming RAM, and a six-inch 1080p display. On paper, the 6800U RDNA 2 APU is twice as fast as Valves' custom Aerith chip, with boost clock speeds up to 4.7GHz.

The GDP Win 4 APU will reportedly only run on 15W, like the Steam Deck, but it's possible to boost fps on the go even further with the competing handheld.

The GPD Win 4 is expected to have a 45.62Wh battery, although upgrading the Steam Decks capacity might help to level the playing field.

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Looks like a PSP, hits like a Steam Deck

The GPD Win 4 was first released a few weeks ago, and it looks like a PSP or PS Vita successor. Yet, it does have a clever trick up its sleeve, as its a qwerty keyboard is stowed away underneath its slidey screen. In other words, you wont have to worry about using on-screen keyboards, even if you use the mechanism like a fidget toy.

As the price is still on the Valves side, the GPD Win 4 will be the only company in the race for the handheld gaming PC crown. Ayaneo Next 2 and Onexplayer may also be coming up soon, so the storefront giants' time may not be as short-lived.