The WoW Dragonflight Hearthstone quest has finally brought together MMO and card game

The WoW Dragonflight Hearthstone quest has finally brought together MMO and card game ...

A WoW Dragonflight Hearthstone quest combines the classic game and its accompanying card game in one enjoyable adventure you will not want to miss.

Hearthstone has been Blizzard Entertainment's flagship card battler for nearly a decade. The game, which was released in March 2014, draws heavily from and builds on the World of Warcraft universe, including as inspiration for its hero classes, base cards, and numerous expansions.

While Hearthstone has done an amazing job of building on the WoW lore and characters, the relationship between the two games has mostly been a one-way street connection. The card game has created a digital-card version of virtually every single character from the Warcraft universe and has even created tons of its own lore expanding on the franchises locations and iconic characters. However, fans of the game wish there would be more crossover.

World of Warcraft is repaying its support by introducing Hearthstone to the MMO with a new quest, Dragonflight, named after a Pandaren Hearthstone fan named Guo-Hee Calmwater. Guo joined the Dragonscale expedition to look for legendary HS cards in the Dragon Isles. After the quest starts, players discover her family's most beloved card was stolen by a Mysterious Apparition drakonoid ghost.

After the player defeats the ghost in combat and the card is returned to Guo, it is revealed that the ghost must have his name enshrined in the ancient version of Hearthstone to properly pass on. The player may then create their very own Hearthstone card, which can have a variety of customization options. Although we will not reveal who wins the Hearthstone match.

The quest is a love letter to card game and MMO lovers, and successfully introduces the charm of Hearthstone to the Warcraft universe for the first time.

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