As KRU survives, XERXIA becomes the third Asian team to be eliminated from the VCT Champions

As KRU survives, XERXIA becomes the third Asian team to be eliminated from the VCT Champions ...

Today's VALORANT VCT Champions tournament for groups C and D continued, giving teams one last chance to finish their 2022 season on a good note.

After two teams from Asia were eliminated yesterday, the pressure was on XERXIA Esports, who hail from Thailan, to represent their country. Their opponent for today's match, Latin Americas KRU Esports, was also faced with the prospect of being eliminated in the group stage after their incredible performance last year.

After defeats to XSET and FunPlus Phoenix, XERXIA and KRU entered the Group C lower bracket. Both defeats were 2-0, putting both teams in a bad start to the tournament.

This is the first time both teams have gone head to head on the international stage, and it was for their tournament lives. KRU won today to keep their hopes alive, defeating XERXIA 2-1.

XERXIA went with a more standard composition. Jett was chosen as the teams duelist, establishing himself as a player to watch on the map.

KRU began snowballing four rounds in a row after following FPX's advice of buying up to Vandals in the second round. In the first half, KRU continued to execute their post-plant strategies to perfection, while the XERXIA players made several small mistakes.

KRU transforms the pistol round! @KRUesports | #VALORANTChampions

KRUs Mazino continued to produce some of the finest Sage play we have seen in Champions so far. Surf, on the other hand, struggled to find value and fulfill his role on Jett. The few rounds that XERXIA managed to win came down to clutches and lucky timing advantages. KRU won easily on Icebox 13-4.

XERXIA stepped in to their map pick of Haven with a blank face, grabbing six rounds straight out of the gate. KRU tried to help KRU but when XERXIA received the second pistol round, the map was practically over.

CRWS GETS THE ACE @Crws_vlrt | #VALORANTChampions

After a quiet start to Champions, Crws returned, and sushiboys finally showed up. XERXIA won 13-7.

Ascent started off as an even game without a clear advantage to either team in the first two maps. KRU completely dominated on their attack, picking apart XERXIAs defense at every opportunity. Unfortunately for XERXIA, they just couldnt keep up and lost the match 2-1.

Although KRU won the game today and showed far better form than in their match against FPX, the LATAM team still doesnt appear to be as scared as they have in previous tournaments.

KRU is not sure who their next opponent will be after the match between FPX and XSET was canceled yesterday due to health concerns for several players. They will find out later this afternoon and will play another elimination match on September 8.