Southern Charm Star Ripped for Exposing Co-Star Private Relationship Notes

Southern Charm Star Ripped for Exposing Co-Star Private Relationship Notes ...

Many Southern Charm followers chastises Olivia Flowers this week for posting an Instagram Story about her friend and co-star Taylor Ann Green, which appeared to contain personal information about Green's relationship difficulties.

Flowers posted an Instagram Story lauding Green for always remembering people's names, and it showed Green holding her phone with her finger hovering over a note called Names. However, followers quickly noticed that many other notes on Green's phone were also visible.

Green and Shep Rose had announced their separation after two years together, although there is speculation that the relationship isnt completely over yet as the pair has been seen together since.

Despite Flowers's decision to delete the Instagram Story shortly after, a screenshot was circulated on social media where followers empathized with Green and many called out Flowers.

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Fans criticalized flowers and said they would be rage if they were in the Greens' position.

Olivia Flowers has shared a tweet (@oliviabflowers) related to her post.

Someone wrote, Yooooo I'd be so mad at Olivia lol. Another added, I'd do anything to erase my notes if someone takes them down and posts them. This is a strange move. I bet Olivia would be horrified if they realized. One person said, Olivia, girl, please remove all of the other notes!

Olivia is 1) a shy friend 2) dumb as a box of rocks. Another person said, God I hope no one ever posts a picture/video of my notes app. It's like a diary for a lot of people.

One person said, Why would Olivia do this? Thats pretty personal. A few people had a different opinion, with one saying, she did it with taylors permission. this is on purpose. Another person agreed, Agreed the context of the post is reading the notes.

Green was said to be getting ready for the Southern Charm season 8 reunion, while another said, She is ready for the reunion. One person commented, This screen shot is more captivating than this entire season so far. Others said, Wedding songs and then I can walk away from this relationship yikes!!

In July, Green & Rose started off the fight, but Flowers said she thought it might not be permanent.

Olivia Flowers' (@oliviabflowers) post is a response to a question.

Green and Rose announced their separation on July 20 and she revealed on Watch What Happens Live that they were no longer in contact.

He wants to be, but that's not his job. Andy Cohen replied, saying, "No, im not about that." At least for the time being. Several photos of the former couple have since been shared on social media revealing that they've hung out after their separation.

In a Page Six interview, Flowers said she didnt believe the Green and Roses split was definitive. It's still pretty much in that sphere [of a break]. Both are just taking the time to sort things out.