Six VR games you won't want to miss on Oculus Rift in the Nvidia Showcase

Six VR games you won't want to miss on Oculus Rift in the Nvidia Showcase ...

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Oculus Rift is the first high-end VR system created with gamers in mind on March 28. As long as you have the correct gaming hardware, you'll get the best possible virtual reality experience from Oculus Rift.

To check whether your PC is up to the task, you can simply compare what you have with NVIDIAs VR system requirements; or if you prefer you can use GeForce Experience to instantly diagnose your systems VR readiness. And if you need new VR capable gaming hardware to meet the Rifts demands, NVIDIAs VR Ready Program makes it easy to identify which kit is most suitable for VR.

All of this incredible new VR technology is possible without the games. There are already 30 Oculus Rift launch games to suit all tastes, such as the visually stunning sci-fi shooter EVE: Valkyrie. There are still many more to come, so here are seven great Oculus Rift games youll want to try.

EVE Valkyrie

CCP Games EVE Onlinea massive and legendary massively multiplayer space sims getting EVE Valkyrie, a must-have a spin-off experience for virtual reality gaming on the Oculus Rift.

Valkyrie is all about epic multiplayer dogfights set against the backdrop of EVE's beautiful world, and the beauty of it is that you feel like you're right there in the cockpit, weaving between capital ships andfrantically looking around to spot enemy fighters on your six, and just to add to the Battlestar Galactica vibe, Katee Starbuck Sackhoff shouts orders in your ear, as Valkyrie leader Ran Kavik.

EVE Valkyrie is the only game that really shows off the potential of VR, and the fantastic news about it is that you can get it for free if youve pre-ordered your Oculus Rift; latecomers may get the EVE: Valkyrie Founders Pack, which includes your first fighter ship and an in-game currency supply. You can check out theEve Online system requirements at PCGamebenchmark.


505 Games ADR1FT is a first-person experience that combines the awe-inspiring sensation of floating in orbit with the chilly claustrophobic fear of being alone in a leaking spacesuit, with little chance of returning to Earth alive. It's up to you to patch your leaky suit and repair the damaged emergency escape vehicle, all while attempting to solve the mystery of what destroyed the space station and killed everyone on board except you.

Project CARS

Project CARS is set to enhance its high-speed thrills on Oculus Rift, which already has 125 painstakingly-built cars that have been designed to perform exactly like the real thing, as well as 35 locations and 100 courses that have been created as real-world competitors. Combine it with a steering wheel and youll have a world of personal connection with every nudge or shunt.


Not all Oculus Rift games have the same first-person experience as the classic RPG, but it's still made very much for VR, giving you the chance to interact with the game from a third-person viewpoint while immersed in its lush, detailed world. The beauty of Chronos is that every time you fail, you have to wait another year to discover its mysteries.

Edge of Nowhere

Edge of Nowhere, a third-person action game by Insomniac Games, is set to be one of these opportunities: youll have to contend for your entire existence in a world where nothing is quite as it appears.

Luckys Tale

Luckys Tale is a brilliant alternative to all the VR epics clamouring for your attention; it's a VR platform game that clearly wants to be the Rifts flagship platforming adventure. Along the way, you'll battle massive bosses and discover new interesting mini-games to play, and there's no excuse to miss out on the fun.