What can be done about the Searching for Dota 2 Game Coordinator error?

What can be done about the Searching for Dota 2 Game Coordinator error? ...

Because tens of thousands of people are actively playing the game on a regular day, queueing up for a Dota 2 match should not take longer than a few seconds.

Once you press the Play button and start looking for a match, you can always anticipate to hear the sweet sound of the Accept button appear on your screen. However, that Play button might not always be green.

When you see the unfortunate sight of a red Play button, youll need to clear your low-priority games; when it comes gray, you wont even be able to playDota 2.

The unclickable Play button will often be accompanied by the error "Searching forDota 2Game Coordinator." If the games are desperately searching for theDota 2Game Coordinator, chances are the game is down due to a server-related issue.

The coordinator error may also take two different forms.

  • Connecting to Game Coordinator logging in.
  • Cannot find Dota 2 game coordinator.

It doesnt always have to be a server issue, though. There will also be occasions when your local connection will be the cause of the error, and there are a few methods you can utilize to resolve it. Before you begin any of them, check to see if the servers are up or down. Nothing youll do will help you get back in the game if the servers are down for all of the players.

InDota 2, here's how to resolve the Searching forDota 2Game Coordinator problem.

Check Steam and Dota 2s server status

Whenever Steam down, so does Dota 2. Considering that Steam hosts many games and has to maintain a decent player base across countless games, there will be times when the servers will not be able to keep up with demand. This typically happens whenever a large title on Steam releases a new content patch, attracting new and returning players.

Check out xPawssteamstat.us for a general look at Steam's operations and its services. This tool allows players to monitor everything in the Steam database, including all of its server and coordinators.

Local servers may be down, andsteamstat.us helps you determine whether your local server is down or not. If your local servers are down, you should still be able to play by selecting a different server with a higher ping.

Check community-driven sources

If the servers are up, but you still encounter coordinator problems, it's a good idea to check in with the community. In situations where the servers are just starting to slow, sites like steamstat.us may not be able to detect the issues right away.

When the servers are down, players will usually go to these platforms to see if other players are experiencing the same problem as they are.

There may be other solutions you can try out, depending on the type of problem that has caused the Searching forDota 2Game Coordinator error. Community members often share the solutions that work out for them under threads opened for most recent errors, making community-driven sources excellent stops to drop by when you cant get intoDota 2.

Restart your router

If your server is working perfectly, but there are no community members reporting the error, it may be time to reboot your home connection.

The error may also have been caused by your internet service provider. In most instances, a simple router restart should be sufficient to correct any routing issues. Also, when you restart your router, youll be assigned a new path to your ISP and alsoDota 2sgame servers.

Change your DNS address

A DNS server that is down can lead to similar problems to the Searching forDota 2Game Coordinator. Most players use their ISP's default DNS servers, and they can become overloaded during peak hours.

The best way to change your DNS address will be to use a different one. Try out one of the commercially available DNS addresses, like Google or OpenDNS. If a new DNS address fixes the issue for you, you'll need to continue using it for at least a couple of hours longer until your default DNS address gets fixed.

Try out a different connection

One of the greatest ways to troubleshoot your home connection will be to use a completely different one.

You can turn on your mobile phone's mobile hotspot feature to check your connection. Connect your cellular data to your PC to see if you can connect toDota 2. If everything works fine with your mobile data, you may need to contact your ISP to verify everything is working fine.

Your internet service provider will be able to perform a diagnostic and inform you of alternative troubleshooting strategies that you may try.

Verify the integrity of Dota 2s game files

A lacked in-game file may prevent users from connecting to Dota 2's online services on rare occasions.

  • Launch Steam.
  • Head over to the Library and right-click on Dota 2.
  • Choose Properties.
  • Select Local Files and click on Verify the Integrity of game files.

After completing the last step, the Steam client will check your Dota 2 game files and replace damaged files if necessary.

Send a support ticket to Valve

If you can't playDota 2 after troubleshooting your home network when the servers are up and running, your only recourse will be to contact Valve.

Send them a ticket on Steam and explain the troubleshooting techniques youve tried so far. In most cases, they should reply to you within one or two days after discovering the problem for your case.