Evade Roblox, and all Bobo locations

Evade Roblox, and all Bobo locations ...

Evade is a fantastic scary game on Roblox that offers terrifying jump scares, but also provides a little humor to help you through the blow. The killer bots chasing you down are all familiar memes that sound off their familiar lines and sounds as they hunt you down. Purchase valuable equipment or fun dance moves from a few maps for players to discover.

Who is Bobo in Evade?

Bobo is an easter egg character from the Roblox Tower Blitz game. He wears a Roblox sun visor hat during the game. Here is where you can find him.

All Bobo Locations in Evade

The Four Corners map is the easiest to find Bobo since it's a single square structure. You can use colas to get to him quicker and escape quickly back to the corners so you're not trapped by a robot.

Bobo is located in one of the back storage rooms in Complex. You can check him by looking at the various pillars in the parking garage. Once you see you are on the correct level, open the doors and navigate through the various rooms.

Bobo is not too difficult to locate at the Seraph Research location, but his initiation is the more difficult. You will need to climb up to the very top of the Research Building, where a staircase is located, or you can create a private server and use the VIP controls to increase your jump height.

This is a dark map with a lot to see and complex obstacles to climb over, but there is a Bobo that can be seen on the top of one of the high blocks. This is one of the most popular locations you can stand on the map since Bobo can't be seen from this location.

The Desert Bus is a rather desolate map in Evade, with few places for players or Bobo to hide. However, you may alter your POV to the third person, hold your arm against the side of the building, and move your camera with your mouse until you see inside.

Bobo is also said to be hiding somewhere in the Backrooms, but it remains a legend because the Backrooms are a perpetual maze of darkness and the most difficult map to navigate. However, you can still have fun finding Bobo in the other great maps and challenge yourself to discover all of them without getting caught by the bots.

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