Diablo Immortal warbands may be equipped with a new wave defense system

Diablo Immortal warbands may be equipped with a new wave defense system ...

A recent datamine of the Blizzard action RPG suggests changes to the smaller-scale party system, although players argue that it should be phased out entirely.

Warbands are formed as small teams of eight players from within the same clan, offering bonus rewards for accomplishing specified content at the same time. This content is only available to warbands that do not have their full complement of eight players available, therefore each member of a warband must be online at the same time in order to complete these challenges.

As previously reported, Diablo Immortal players have expressed that they would rather have the warband feature removed altogether. This however, is unlikely because to a new datamine of Diablo Immortal that suggests that Blizzard will develop more warband content in the future.

Defence of Cyrangar is apparently a new wave defense system based on warbands, where players must battle increasingly dangerous enemy mobs in an attempt to survive and earn rewards. The rumoured mode has been discovered by sanktanglia, a dataminer posting on the Diablo Immortal Discord, and appears in two variations.

In the usual Defence of Cyrangar mode, a warband leader chooses a time for the rest of the warband to complete the task once a week, and they will face eight waves of enemies, with the reward increasing with each successive wave. In endless mode, the enemies attack infinitely, with the objective being to avoid them from breaking an outer city door. Warband members will earn lesser rewards if they leave the mode during play.

On the games subreddit, Diablo Immortal players have expressed doubt as to whether or not it would alleviate the problems with the warband system. Imagine an endless mode. Great, writes another, more exclusive content for the worst mechanic in the game.

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