Randy Pitchford Wants You To Buy His Horrible Used Tshirts, O God, Ew

Randy Pitchford Wants You To Buy His Horrible Used Tshirts, O God, Ew ...

Randy Pitchford, an amateur magician and some-time Gearbox CEO, wears crappy shirts? He has found an opportunity to auction off his old, used clothes for a charity. We don't know. This is the timeline we deserve.

The auction (and even the URL is cursed) lists Pitchfords old, unworn clothing each at a suggested value of $400. 47 of them. Each more hideous and already-worn than the previous.

Pitchford is attempting to gain attention for a deeply worthwhile cause, perhaps a life-saving charity that has touched his heart (like all of these shirts too nearly have). But nowhere in the tweet nor on the auctions page, is it saying which ones.

GamesRadar, the first person to notice this mess, looked up Gearbox's own website and found that the organization is a registered charity, with grants between $500 and $1,500, as well as offers of face-time for classrooms. However, Gearbox does not include this charity anywhere in its promotion of this auction.

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We have reached out to Gearbox to see if they can clarify this problem, and we'll update the story if they do so.

The Bid Beacon site claims to have received multiple proposals, although everything has been listed as a blind bid, such that we cannot see how close they got to the $400 suggested. I have been unable to confirm whether the website accepts negative numbers.

If all of this is being done to support a charity bearing the company's own name, you may want to ask why a developerthat itself made a net of roughly $180,000,000 in the last yearhas to sell old clothes to provide money. Let alone a company owned by the all-consuming Embracer Group.

Until then, no thank you.