Meadow Walker and her co-star Jordana Brewster got together with her fast-tracked 'family' Vin Diesel and Ludacris at their wedding

Meadow Walker and her co-star Jordana Brewster got together with her fast-tracked 'family' Vin Diese ...

Many of the actors who played the film Fast X have shown off new and exciting developments on the internet as preparation for the film's release are getting underway. We were given a lot of behind the scenes shots of Vin Diesel, Ludacris, and the rest of the family going next.

Diesel and Luda recently reunited with Meadow Walker, the daughter of late co-star Paul Walker, on social media, which led to exactly what youd expect from the cast of that worldwide smash hit:

Meadow Walker Thornton-Allan (@meadowwalker) has shared a post. (Opens in new tab)

On the internet, a photo was taken.

Meadow Walker, who is pictured alongside casually dressed Vin Diesel and the decked out Ludacris, also known as Chris Bridges, is a striking contrast to the Fast cast. As such, Paul Walker was considered a spiritual brother to Diesel and most of the Fast cast; and that familial connection extends to Meadow herself.

Jordana Brewsters lovely tribute to Meadow Walkers own wedding late last year might make all of this celebration even more special.

Meadow and Ludacris remembered the late Paul Walker earlier this year, as they commemorated him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which will be unveiled next year. Whatever the occasion, make sure it's celebrated appropriately.

When Fast X goes into cinemas on May 19, 2023, fans will want to reminisce about what's happened previously on the path to Fast Saga revenge. Though the journey will not be easy.

As such, you may start your journey with F9, the most recent entry, as an HBO Max subscriber. However, you'll have to examine the various previous movies in order throughout both HBO Max and Peacock. Both platforms appear to have split the run of previous adventures.