The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list

The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list ...

The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list is required if you want to play as a character in the popular zombie survival game based on AMCs hit series. If youve ever played Negan, you've probably seen him. Morgan's might isn't as powerful as Negan's.

Weve put together a list of The Walking Dead All-Stars tiers to assist you in deciding which of the undead defenders you like the most for your playing style. Weve included a subsection explaining those at the top of the TWD All-Star tier list to provide some background before you get to splattering skulls.

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The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list

Our The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list includes all of the undead hunters, but there may be additional characters that may emerge in the game, so be sure to check back frequently for the latest rankings.

TierThe Walking Dead All-Stars character
SEzekiel & Shiva, Negan, Glenn, Tyreese, Kate
AMichonne, Andrew, Shane, Sophia, Andrea, Chloe, Lake, Eugene, Abraham, Chemist, Beta, Dwight
BJesus, Eva, Princess, Gabriel, Rosita, Magna, Denise, Sebastian, Gideon, Laura
CLeader Rick, Rick Grimes, Dante, Tylor, George, R, Axel, Governor, Alpha, Rania, Laura

The Walking Dead All-Stars S tier explained

If you're interested in playing one of the S-tier characters from our The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list, here are a few helpful tips.

Ezekiel & Shiva One of the standout characters (or pair of characters) across all TWD All-Stars is Ezekial & Shiva. With a speed-boosting effect, the ability to tank hits with relative ease, and some handy crowd-control attacks, there is no better character for beginners or returning players.

Negan is worth utilizing in TWD All-Stars for his passive energy recovery and his ability to lure opponents in for assaults. The bigger the team, the better Negan works.

Glenn, the buff and nerf king of The Walking Dead All-Stars, is a fantastic team player with his abilities in healing and buffing teammates while nerfing opponents' abilities. There are few players who are better for the field.

Tyreese Tyreese is the most reliable tank in the game, capable of withstanding assaults that would be fatal to any other character.

Kate Kate is the most complicated of the TWD All-Stars characters, although her abilities may not appear that powerful, but if you combine her energy attacks with a carry character like Andrea, you'll do some serious damage to the enemy team.

The Walking Dead All-Stars tier list has everything you need to make your journey to post-apocalyptic New York a little bit more enjoyable. Or, if you prefer to face a devil than the undead, check out our picks for the finest Diablo on Switch.