This gaming PC is the perfect Blade Runner Cyberpunk tribute

This gaming PC is the perfect Blade Runner Cyberpunk tribute ...

A talented gaming PC modder has created a construct that appears to be a Cyberpunk city with Blade Runner influences, and the diorama appears to have futuristic denizens dwelling inside. If you know anything about Ridley Scott's 1982 classic, or CD Projekt Red's controversial RPG, you'll instantly recognize this rig's dystopian district theme, complete with glowing shop signs and residents loitering around.

Martina from NerdForge's YouTube channel has designed a carefully crafted case mod. The sidewalks and city streets are riveted onto the case using DIY brackets and painted foam, which makes it feel like the rig is dressed up as a city for a convention.

Martina applies layers of dense cardboard to create ridiculously detailed replica storefronts, while the rest is made of other recyclable materials, including takeaway food containers and aluminum foil. The project itself is more like an expensive move set-piece than something made of odds and ends, especially since it includes realistic LED-lit windows and signage.

Martina reveals that the Cyberpunk PC case was gifted to Linus Tech Tips by a fellow YouTube channel, taking 600 hours to complete. The interior is completed with an Nvidia RTX 3090 GPU and a powerful RGB AIO cooler, as well as some additional sandblasting.

Linus claims the rig will be auctioned off for charity during their LTX Expo event.

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