The best poker games on Switch and mobile are read em and weep

The best poker games on Switch and mobile are read em and weep ...

There's no better way to practice your green felt skills than with some poker games, whether you're a hold em high-roller or a beginner under the gun. However, with such a wide variety of titles that offer Vegas vibes in your palm, it can be a bit confusing where to begin.

Our list of the best poker games on Switch and mobile is flooded with titles that we guarantee will not flop. From cowboy-style saloons teeeming with hucksters, to online tournaments where you can further your bluffing ability, there's something for everyone when it comes to these pocket rockets.

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It's time to put your bets on our picks for the best poker games on Switch and mobile.

Best poker games on Switch and mobile

Governor of Poker 3, a classic Texas hold em game with daily, weekly, and neverending challenges, is a classic poker game that we couldnt help but include. It's also one of the few games on this list that requires you to wear a stetson.

Poker Club, the most comprehensive poker experience on Switch, is a must-have for any high-rollers out there. It's also the finest way to rehearse your tournament skills without having to spend your money, thanks to regular multi-table tournaments with over 200 players participating. There's also a cleverly designed solo career mode, which manages to out-do the others on this list by actually teaching you some of the techniques and math that poker pros of the real-world use so often.

With this offline tour, Poker World: Offline Poker, from the creators of Governor of Poker, takes Texas hold em into the twenty-first century. Its ideal for anyone who has ever dreamed of bluffing in the Bellagio, or making it rain chips in the glamorous setting of Monaco, with a long list of high-roller destinations. There's also a surprising amount of single-player depth here too, putting even the sneakiest card sharks to the test.

EasyPoker is the game for you if you have all you need for a poker night, including chips, friends, and the drive to win. It's the only game that allows for a quick local game, functioning as a sort of Jackbox Party Pack for poker enthusiasts. Just don't blame us for the consequences.

If you're a poker pro, then 51 Worldwide Games is a great place to start out. For starters, the game is faster than most of the other titles on this list, and the poker you see here is a best of three deal, so you wont be stuck at a table for any longer than you want.

The rest is up for our picks for the best mobile poker games. If you like to draw a few monsters rather than kings and queens, check out our picks for the best mobile card games.