Spoilers from episode 10 of The Challenge USA: A tough journey to the final

Spoilers from episode 10 of The Challenge USA: A tough journey to the final ...

WednesdaysThe Challenge USAepisode 10 is just around the corner, and this seems to be the type of episode that will bring the competition to a new level. Were not in a position here where people have not qualified for TJ Lavins final. Everyone is there and now, were in a situation where someone was just going to be cut because of a defeat in the Arena.

The odds are good that at least one more guy and one more woman will not make it to the Arena, and Wednesdays episode may be the last chance for the guys to get to grips with Tyson. He hasnt really been tested in the Arena, and the last thing that any of these people should want to do is face off against him there.

Below, you can see the whole The Challenge USAepisode 10 synopsis, as well as more information on what's coming:

The CHALLENGE: USA, broadcast live and on demand on CBS Television Network, is available on Paramount+*. TJ Lavin is the host.

We think the future for the women is a little more complicated. It's easy to say that Tyson is the preferred among the guys. On the other hand, Angela, Sarah, Desi, and Justine can all make a pretty good claim to it based on what we've seen so far this season. Angela has definitely been the most dominant in terms of gameplay, but that doesnt mean that she'll have a clear path to the prize at the end.

Expect some things to get messy; would it be the Challengenear the end of the season if they were?

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