Season 2 of NCIS: Hawaii: A Show EP on Kate Whistlers' role

Season 2 of NCIS: Hawaii: A Show EP on Kate Whistlers' role ...

Weve talked a lot about Whistler onNCIS: Hawaii in terms of her relationship with Lucy. Why not tone things down a bit for the sake of this article, though? Because Tori Anderson is not a part of the same team, there are opportunities for her to work with them often.

Kate will have many opportunities to collaborate with the Tennants team on various matters, and that includes with her girlfriend Lucy. Here's what executive producer Christopher Silber had to say about it all:

Lucy was always a different character, an outsider who was a bit of a smooch to our team, and we gradually adjusted that through Season 1, having her transfer to the DIA and learning about what it's like to be in the field. Step 2 is integrating her into the team, into the family that is our team, even though she's an FBI agent [and] really beginning to notice her as a contributing member, even as the extended family of the team.

Silber and fellow EP Jan Nash intend to keep the case-of-the-week format for the duration of season 2, so you will continue to see different opportunities for Whistler to work with the team. This format also allows for some personal arcs for all of the characters, but we will have to wait and see what they are.

Two weeks from today, CBS will release NCIS: Hawaiipremieres, and you'll see a hugeNCIScrossover at the heart of it.

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