Season 2 of Yellowjackets: The road to further information

Season 2 of Yellowjackets: The road to further information ...

We're at least glad to have a little news to share as we await the premiere of Yellowjacketsseason 2 on Showtime! The cast and crew are currently working on this program, which will last until the end of the following months.

Both the present and the past will present their challenges. The flashbacks will give us a better understanding of how the Yellowjackets team survives the winter, which has already claimed the life of Jackie. Likewise, in the present youll see the survivors struggle with the notion that Lottie might be directly affecting their lives. Theres a reason why the Showtime drama cast adult versions of this character and Van, and we tend to think we will see a lot of both of them.

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The Primetime Emmy Awards will remove a small veil when it comes to season 2, and that is all thanks to them. During the promotional campaign for the season, many people had no clue what would happen next. This is not the case anymore. You may also get a few sneak peeks regarding a possible premiere date!

Remember, when it comes to when the show will come back, don't expect anything too specific. Showtime will probably take their time to explain some of this, as they should. There is no need for them to rush anything along here, especially since the earliest we anticipate it returning is late February.