People Who Think Anime Is For Kids: 10 Dark and Gritty Anime Series

People Who Think Anime Is For Kids: 10 Dark and Gritty Anime Series ...

Animation allows viewers to have a greater amount of freedom while allowing for visual exploration. Most viewers' first thoughts on anime are likely to be fixed on Studio Ghibli, who usually uses cutely-drawn characters in hyper-fantasy settings.

These anime suggestions will hit the nail on the head about anime being a versatile genre.


The 1997 series, which received critical acclaim and praise before the CGI abomination of a remake in 2016, is the first anime adaptation of Kentaro Miura's groundbreaking adult manga Berserk.

Berserk left many viewers in shock and horror due to its less-than-usual approach to the fantasy adventure genre, which emphasizes the horrors of war and the malignance of demons. The series can be viewed as a prequel to the lead character Guts' status as the revered Black Swordsman for its exhilarating displays of popcorn-worthy violence but never losing sight of the human complexity even during war.


Shigurui starts off with a cliffhanger, a fight between Fujiki Gennosuke and blind Irako Seigen, which is probably the most audacious and graphic portrayals of samurai cinema has ever seen.

Gennosuke and Seigen were both followers of Iwamoto Kogan, Japan's greatest swordsman, who has a long list of creepy behaviors that will make eyes water. Despite their disadvantage, both swordsmen reveal who will be the last man standing.

'Elfen Lied'

Elfen Lied, the anime that sparked the hit series Stranger Things, spares nothing when it comes to displaying humanity's barbarism. Dog lovers should also keep their eyes on a particular scene in the series.

Two college students meet an injured lady with short horns on her head, who leads them to take care of her. Little did they know that behind the girl's sweet and air-headed demeanor are her murderous traits, which she developed during her escape from cruel government lab experiments. The girl is Lucy, a special breed of human known as the Diclonius, who has the gift of telekinesis. Soon, the two students will be faced with a world of deception, government plots, and deadly


Rainbow offers a hard-nosed insight into the prospect of a second chance at life, despite its glitzy title. Set in 1955 Japan, the series follows the experiences of seven young convicts during their time at the Shounan Reform School.

A sadistic prison guard and a young doctor who enjoys young boys offer to make the youngsters' lives hell on earth. With the guidance of older cellmate/former boxer Rokurouta Sakuragi, the inmates must remain positive and do whatever it takes to survive to see life after redemption, as well as the prospect of a reunion in post-war society.

'Black Lagoon'

Fans of Cowboy Bebop who like more gunfights and foul-mouthed badass anime women, look no further than Black Lagoon, a playful hybrid of One Piece's pirate pilgrimages and a John Woo-like signature style of action films. Heck, there's even a character named Chang in the series who emulates Woo's dual gun-wielding characters.

Rokurou Okajima, a salary-man from China, is forced to adapt to the mercenary's precarious lifestyle of illicit transactions, kidnappings, gun battles, and constant abrasive encounters. He's joined by Revy, a Chinese-American gunlinger with a fondness for bloodshed and chain-smoking.

'Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo'

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, a loose adaptation of Alexandre Dumas' novel with the same name, is much more than a story about vengeance. Taking place in a futuristic place where humans coexist with the extraterrestrial and mecha is a standard feature, the film takes place in a future context.

The 24-episode series mainly follows the wide-eyed Viscount Albert de Morcerf who becomes fascinated by the mysterious Count. Unbeknownst to Albert, the Count is planning to exact revenge against his father, one of the masterminds who had betrayed the Count in the past.

'Hellsing Ultimate'

Hellsing, a sub-rosa organization dedicated to destroying supernatural forces, is up to the task. When the Millenium Organization composed of Nazi vampires threatens to destroy the entire human existence, it's up to them.

Hellsing's ultimate weapon of choice is Alucard, the most powerful vampire that ever walked on earth. He has powers such as remarkable regenerative powers, shape-shifting, and hemokinesis. With his half-human, half-vampire sidekick Seras Victoria on his side, audiences will get a kick out of seeing Alucard exact his sadistic tendencies on his victims and destroy the entire Nazi army.

'Vinland Saga'

The anime adaptation of the "Vinland Saga" manga was expected to be a faithful and unexpectedly enriching experience for loyal fans of the Nordic sagas. Thorfinn is a young mercenary working for Askeladd, a skilled swordsman and leader of a Viking band.

Thorfinn swore vengeance and while improving his combat abilities, hoped to one day challenge Askeladd to a duel. In the midst of the growing conflict between the English and the Danes, Askeladd had assassinated Thorfinn's father.


Monster, a manga adaptation of The Fugitive from the 1960s, was the first work by Naoki Urasawa to be recognized internationally. With long-time Studio Ghibli animator Kitaro Kosaka's help, it carefully executes the complex motivations behind each character, and a haunting ending song by English songwriter David Sylvian, it is a remarkable achievement in its own right.

Kenzou Tenma, a skilled brain surgeon who saved Johann Liebert as a child from the mayor of the town many years ago, is embroiled in sorrow when he discovers that Johann is a psychopath, inciting those he encountered to confess their cardinal sins, or worse, suicide. Kenzou begins investigating Johann's past and discovers something far more terrible, including previous incidents that had occurred at 511 Kinderheim.


Imagine Battle Royale (2000) or The Hunger Games (2012), but the set in 1614 feudal Japan. Basilisk follows two competing ninja clans who are enticed to conspire to determine which grandson of shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu will become the next heir.

Ten elite warriors chosen from each clan, Tsubagakure of Iga and Manjidani of Kouga, representing each potential shogunate's heirs, must choose whether to kill the person they love or lead their respective clan to slaughter.


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