For a new series, actors from the Walking Dead and Bridgerton team up

For a new series, actors from the Walking Dead and Bridgerton team up ...

The Walking Dead's spoilers are here.

The Burning Girls is a brand new British TV show starring two big names from The Walking Dead and Bridgerton.

Samantha Morton, who played Alpha in The Walking Dead, and Ruby Stokes, Bridgerton's original Francesca, are the two actors who will star in the Paramount+ TV series.

The Burning Girls follows a Reverend and her daughter in their quest for a fresh start in Chapel Croft. However, they soon discover that their new community is filled with ancient myths.

In the first press release for the series, it is disclosed that 500 years ago, Protestant martyrs were burned at the stake, while two girls were removed from the town 30 years ago. And just a few weeks before Reverend Jack and Flo moved to Chapel Croft, the local vicar committed suicide in his own church.

Morton was described as a psychopath who meets a small-town mystery series in The Walking Dead. Alpha was the leader of the Whisperers, a group that used the skin of dead people in seasons nine and 10.9 of the AMC series until she was murdered by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Stokes doesn't have the same horror-tinged background as Francesca Bridgerton on Netflix's popular period show for the first two seasons, but she left the program after season two in order to pursue other projects. Hannah Dodd has assumed the role of Francesca in season three.

The Burning Girls will star Conrad Khan, Rupert Graves, and Elodie Grace Orkin, along with Morton and Stokes, while Marcella's creator Hans Rosenfeldt will show-run and serve as the series' lead writer in 2023.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead is available on AMC in the United States, and STAR on Disney+ in the United Kingdom.