Season 6 Episode 1 of 'Rick and Morty' Recap: A New Challenger Enters the Ring

Season 6 Episode 1 of 'Rick and Morty' Recap: A New Challenger Enters the Ring ...

The following article contains spoilers for Rick and Morty, Season 6, Episode 1, and Solaricks.

Season 5 of Rick and Morty has become increasingly detached from its canon storyline, with the majority of episodes devoted to silly one-shot concepts that might be fun but dont have the same emotional punch. Solaricks is here to demonstrate that the Rick and Morty crew understood and is prepared to take the next season's boat on a different path.

Rickmurai Jack, the multiverse-crushing Season 5 finale, is given a direct follow-up, rather than in a let's just make some jokes and move on style, as the new seasons premiere really tie ups a lot of loose ends and puts the Smith family at the center of a new narrative. On top of that, people who just joined the series for Season 6 will be completely lost.

Its a Brand New Multiverse

Season 5's finale reveals the ultimate plan of Evil Morty: break down the Central Finite Curve and escape to a place where Rick does not rule.

The first major thing the new seasons premiere confirms is that, yes, Morty surpassed Rick, who was left stranded in space by Evil Morty. The central Finite Curve's destruction messes around with coordinates, and even the smartest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Rickiest Ricki

Although Season 5 opened the way for other wackier concepts to be explored in Rick and Morty, the season 6 premiere focused on the first day of washing up the house. Of course, Rick and Morty do not die in the Citadel, as Space Beth (voiced by Sarah Chalke) comes to their rescue.

Rick and Morty make a mistake and reset travelers instead. That means every variant that is lost in the universe gets teleported back to their original reality. Meanwhile, Family Beth, Space Beth, and Summer (voiced by Spencer Grammer) go to the Citadel to find a new way to bring everyone back to their reality.

Sins of the Past

Jerry is teleported for the first time in Season 6, after the Jerryboree, an interdimensional daycare introduced in Season 2, Mortynight Run. The Jerryboree is where Ricks leave their Jerrys when they wish to go exploring in space but do not have time to return to Beth's dead body. In Season 2, Morty loses the retrieval ticket for their Jerry, leading them to retrieve a Jerry that might not be theirs.

Morty returns to the Cronenberg Earth, a reality Rick and he destroyed in Season 1, Episode 6, Rick Potion #9. In that episode, an experiment gone wrong transforms almost all life on the planet into deformed bloodthirsty creatures. However, the Smiths escape that reality by finding a new one, proving that the duo is responsible for most of the family's deeds in Season 3, Episode 1, The Rickshank Rickdemption. The Cronenberg dimension Smith is captured by the

Morty discovers only Jerry is alive there when he returns to his original reality, the Cronenberg dimension. Summer and Beth died after being frozen, so now they come back to haunt him and force him to accept that he is accountable for his actions. In his solo adventure, Rick must learn to recognize that his mistakes are not just temporary.

The main Rick's tearjerker origin story had been teased in the Season 5 teaser, but it was only confirmed and expanded in the Season 5 finale. Rick's so willing to torture himself that he created a ghost of his wife to haunt him, forcing everyone to repeat the day he lost his family for all eternity. It's a very Rick thing to do, one that shows the character was even more negligent many decades ago.

Rick often underlines that everyone is expendable and that he can get any version of Morty, Summer, and Beth he likes from other realities. His emotional breakthrough is short-lived as he realizes that the reset of his traveler must have also trapped Evil Rick in his original dimension.

Ricks True Nemesis Unveiled

Space Beth, Morty, and Summer face off against a horde of 5th dimension predators while protecting a beacon that might lead their loved ones home. According to Rick C-137, his Rick is the man he's been attempting to kill for many decades.

Evil Rick warns them to be wary of a clone while trying to rescue the other Beths, who get devoured by a 5th dimension creature, and Rick C-137 withdraws from his own anger in order to keep his new family safe.

Jerry releases an alien creature that transforms everything it touches into a sentient creature in a matter of minutes. So, the Smiths must choose between resolving their problems or constructing a new dimension where every version of themselves dies at the same time. Due to their shared history, the multiverse is completely open, and beings more intelligent than Rick might appear anytime now.

Solaricks has one final surprise: Evil Rick, who encountered him at the booby-trapped space station, has regenerative powers. He then meets Savage Jerry, who cuts Evil Ricks throat with a knife. So, it's fair to assume Evil Rick will investigate the destruction of the Central Finite Curve and Rick C-137s traveler reset.

Interdimensional Lost & Found

  • The new season opening is filled with exciting peeks at new adventures, including Rick and Morty wearing base jumping suits and gliding next to a giant squirrel, and Butter Morty melting in a giant pan. As always, we also get teased with the arrival of Cthulhu. Maybe one day well actually have an episode with the Lord of Madness.
  • Rick tries to hide his knowledge of Marvel properties by pretending to forget Iron Mans name while referencing the scene at the start of Avengers: Endgame. Summer, however, embraces her nerd background by using Wolverines claws. And no, not the original Wolverine, but Laura, aka X-23, who recently took over the superheros mantle in Marvel Comics.
  • Solaricks keeps the long tradition of introducing wacky characters whose names start with a Mr. This time we had one Mr. Goldmanbachmajorian and one Mr. Frundles.

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