Dorit Kemsley and Crystal Kung Minkoff's remarks about Sutton Stracke are being criticized by fans

Dorit Kemsley and Crystal Kung Minkoff's remarks about Sutton Stracke are being criticized by fans ...

When Erika Jayne said she was a b***** f******* c*** during the season 11 reunion of Real Housewives of Orange County, Diana Jenkins replied, "But you are one." This elicited a laugh from Jayne. Jenkins then stated she does not like Strackes company and that her behavior was slithery. She felt that the Georgia natives' decision to interrogate Garcelle Beauvais after she had a miscarriage was unjustified.

When I was on the floor, she came after me, according to the 49-year-old.

The RHOBH cast shared their thoughts on the scene during an August 2022 episode of the RHOBH After Show. Crystal Kung Minkoff revealed that she feels Stracke isn't as gentle-mannered as she appears.

Ive never hidden the fact that I believe she jabs people and that she's being cheeky. She's very gifted at mashuping this Southern Belle thing, but it's actually quite snarky and mean, and I see that in her, stated the 39-year-old.

Dorit Kemsley shared similar views about Stracke and noted that she had an intense reaction to Jenkins during their vacation to Mexico in season 12, episode 6.

Sutton did this to Diana in Mexico, and there is no evidence that she has never used force or spoken to people with a lot of aggression. And I think at that point, Sutton could have engaged, said something, whatever it is, but she broke down and she received a lot of sympathy. I believe what was behind Diana's raw emotions was lets be honest, let's get it out, and maybe, we'll move on.

A Reddit user shared their thoughts on the subject.

On the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit, a Reddit user shared the RHOBH After Show clip.

Dorit and Crystal defend Diana's actions towards Sutton, and they understand why Diana called her the C-word and blames Sutton for it, read the caption of the post.

Several commenters expressed their opinions on Kemsley and Minkoff.

No one should be forced to like someone. If you like someone and consider them to be a friend, fine. If not, then I would rather go on and be civil. What we saw at the end of that episode on Wed was complete b****** and for these women to basically be like she had it coming, what?

Dianas intention was NOT to be honest so that they could move on. Dorit said Diana looked like the aggressor and the preview of Kyle telling Erika not to say that, I cant defend that proves that they dont care about right or wrong, theyll defend each other no matter what. Sutton and Garcelle [Beauvais] have been accused of putting a different person in charge of Diana.

Im constantly back and fourth with Crystal. She's starting to resemble a secret mean girl. God these women are sooo awful. I can't believe how conniving they all are. I've shared a commenter.

Dorit almost had me think something had been spliced from Diana's monologue. Where the *** did she get the impression that they've only tiptoed around their feelings till now and Diana wanted to get it resolved? In Aspen, Diana just wanted to apologize her to scold her for her remarks, according to a Reddit user.

Dorit is a total s*** addict. If someone named her a c*** she would make a sign and carry it everywhere, according to a Bravo fan.

Crystal has always been a smirky person; she will do and say things and have a smirk on her face that demonstrates she knows exactly what she is doing. I do appreciate her when shes with her husband and family and when I see moments of her being genuine; she always comes up straight when her backbone is made of butter. Sutton has never slammed anyone in such a personal or aggressive manner, according to an RHOBH viewer.

Dorit Kemsley and Crystal Kung Minkoff were disapproved of by Social Media users.

In a separate Reddit thread, a differentsocial media user shared their thoughts on the issue.

RHOBH did not disappoint me more than it did last night, but I am not even three minutes into the after show (which I never watch) and now officially dont like Dorit or Crystal! Everyone is badmouthing Sutton rather than Diana, according to the commenter.

Quite a few Reddit users flocked to the comments section.

I believe this was shot months ago when everyone believed Diana would be the queen. If you asked them all the same questions now, they would have a different answer. Dorit only wants to stay on the side that will keep her paid, and she has picked the wrong side this season. Expect her to not be like this at the reunion.

The fact that Dorit piled on was not a shock to me, but I was disappointed. But holy s*** Crystal was a shock and disappointment. To go in so f***** hard and not give any credence to the fact that bringing up the miscarriages was uncalled for I'm so f****** upset that no one will ever ridicule Diana's depravity, which was chimmed in one.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Talked About Sutton Stracke's Friendship

During a May 2022 interview with In The Know, Minkoff discussed her friendship with Stracke. She suggested that they have sincerized from previous disagreements.

Minkoff believes that you cant resolve something after weeks of arguing. We both made the commitment to relax and like we did, and we were able to connect more outside of the camera.