Could Fymryn from Dota: Dragons Blood be the next Dota 2 character?

Could Fymryn from Dota: Dragons Blood be the next Dota 2 character? ...

Since its release in 2021, the Dota 2 animated series, Dragons Blood, has served as a mirror of the games lore. Not only does the show portrayDota 2slore's origins very well, but it also introduces quite a few new characters to the game's story, such asFilomena.

Fymryn, one of the new Dota 2heroes, has been a mainstay of the game since the first season. She went from being a mere elf to a goddess.

Could Fymryn from Dota: Dragons Blood be the next Dota 2 character?

Fymryn is the reincarnation of Mene inDota: Dragons Blood. She starts off the series as an Elf originating from Coedwig. Fymryn's simple life changed as she decided to put her unique abilities to good use and fulfill a prophecy that would bring Mene, the former goddess of the moon, back to life.

Fymryn would eventually become Mene of characters in the show. Invoker and Terrorblade.

And, the girl, as in a conversation between Terrorblade and Invoker, according to Terrorblade, implying Fymryn. Terrorblade claims to recognize Mene and the place she occupies in Invoker's heart, implying that the wizard is attentive to Fymryn as her daughter, Folomena.

Mene was the former moon goddess beforeSelemene. Mene vanished due to unknown reasons, and Selemene became the new moon goddess inDota 2slore.

Mene is still venerated by a small number of elves rather than Selemene, and there is a prophecy that would restore the former goddess of the moon to life.

Mene will return when the Invoker lays down the Lotuses of Mene on the Earth. Fymryn steals Menes Lotuses from Selemene and brings her to Invoker inDota: DragonsBloodsfirst season.

Fymryn officially became Mene in the third book of Dota: Dragons Blood, although she once rejected the role, realizing that she had no other choice.

  • Camouflage, invisibility.
  • Teleporting/blinking.
  • Shapeshifting.
  • Creating illusions.

Fymryn was seen demonstrating the above abilities in Dota: Dragons Blood. Through her illusions, she was able to run dangerous errands.

Fymryn's teleportation has only been useful for short distances in the show, and it's more similar to the blinking abilities in Dota 2that are seen on heroes like Anti-Mage and Queen of Pain.

Fymryn has a good chance of becoming the nextDota 2hero. Throughout the show, she has demonstrated the strength of her abilities many times, and she is also an essential part of the legend.

Fymryn became Mene during the third book, which means she is directly linked to legends like Luna, Mirana, and Invoker. She can also allow Valve to experiment with her abilities.

Fymryn might start off a match as an elf and gradually evolve into Mene, the goddess of the moon. She is capable of teleporting/blinking and creating illusions, and these two traits are often seen in existing examples like Phantom Lancer, Anti-Mage, Terrorblade, and Faceless Void.