Season 5 of Cobra Kai: William Zabka teases the final game

Season 5 of Cobra Kai: William Zabka teases the final game ...

Cobra Kaiseason 5 will be released on Netflix later this week, and we are so excited to return! With many of these characters, there is so much that we can explore, especially when Terry Silver is trying his best to manage the Valley.

We cant ignore the fact that five seasons is a long time for anyseries on Netflix. We know not all of them originally aired on there, but this is where you must begin thinking about the end of the road. Sure, we know that season 5 will not be the last season, but what about beyond that?

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Johnny Lawrence, who plays William Zabka in a recent interview with, admitted that the show is slowly coming to an end: Everything is on its way to a certain place on the map, although it's a question of how many people would be able to complete it.

Personally, we think there's going to be at least a season 6 on the other side of where we're at now. Remember that the show is still popular, and Netflix has not done anything within their marketing to make us believe that season 5 will be the last one. We just wonder what kind of fresh wrinkles we might get as well as what sort of new nostalgia we might get as a result of everything we've had at this point in the series.