Bethenny Frankel is on a roll as she fires shots at another Real Housewives franchise and makes comments about Megan Markle and the Kardashians

Bethenny Frankel is on a roll as she fires shots at another Real Housewives franchise and makes comm ...

Bethenny Frankel, who left the New York City spinoff in 2019, is known for leaking tea on the small screen these days, although she does have other methods of expressing her opinions. She has also shared some very honest thoughts about Meghan Markle and the Kardashians.

Bethenny Frankel chastises one aspect of the Dubai Reunion's Real Housewives

Bethenny Frankel, a 51-year-old reality TV veteran who starred in The Real Housewives of Dubai, the newest spinoff in Bravo's sprawling reality TV franchise, was on the receiving end of her shade. The RH alum took to her Instagram stories to express her opinions (which were captured by Page Six)

This is a costume party. This is a fawn. I mean, if Andy [Cohen] weren't there, I'd think this was a costume party. What show is this? What is going on? This is hysterical.

I mean, tell us how you feel. The star went on to tell her followers that she and her co-stars in New York City would apply their own makeup during the first seasons of the show. They would also wear a cable knit sweater for the reunion.

Meghan Markle's Alum Shared Honest Thoughts From The Real Housewives

Meghan Markle became a topic of discussion in 2016 when she began dating Prince Harry, whom she now has two children with. Bethenny Frankel has her own podcast, Just B (opens in new tab), and she discussed Markle with others.

She acts very much like a housewife in that she can't stop talking about the very thing that she wants to be irrelevant to. If you were on the program, the producers would say, "Stop talking about security and the state of Frogmore Cottage." It's not relatable. Most people don't have a security detail, so it's just not something that's gonna appeal to this audience."

Meghan Markle was chastised by Mariah Carey for doing things like diva behavior. The Grammy winner also seemed to indicate that the Suits alum isn't someone that the general public can relate to.

The Bravo Alum Has Been The Most Recent To Criticize The Kardashians For Using Photoshop

Kim Kardashian and her famous brood prefer to alter a photo or two, and the public has had mixed reactions to it. Frankel, who recently made a point on this by sharing her own edited photo, claims that the Kardashian-Jenner clan are setting unrealistic expectations for American mothers, who are simply incapable of competing.

The more we see these images, the more we believe they are real. Even if my own idea is minor, if I do it more and more every day, it becomes a false ideal. It is irresponsible, it is unmotivated, it isn't aspirational, it's devastation. It causes eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.

Kim Kardashian was accused of removing an image that made her neck appear smaller just recently. (Not long after, she was trolled by Spencer Pratt.)

Bettheny Frankel has had a lot to say in the past week or so, and surely her loyal followers appreciate her candor. Some might wish she would return for the RHONY reboot, but the chances are slim right now. They'll just have to bear with seeing her stream of hot tweets via social media and her podcast.

With a Peacock Premium subscription, previous episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City may now be streamed.