The Grand Tour star defends his devastating James May accident

The Grand Tour star defends his devastating James May accident ...

Richard Hammond has defended the decision to air the latest episode of The Grand Tour, which includes footage of his co-star James May's collision.

May was taken to the hospital during filming for the new episode, titled A Scandi Flick, after colliding into the wall of a naval base while travelling at 75mph, with tests revealing he suffered a broken rib. Although the incident appeared "dramatic," May has since said he was "basically okay."

Hammond said in an interview with the Evening Standard that incidents such as these are part of his job. "It's the story, it's what happens." You must tell the story as it unfolds.

Hammond, who plays May and Jeremy Clarkson on The Grand Tour, famously had a major accident in 2006 while filming the precursor show Top Gear, which resulted in him being put in a coma for two weeks.

The presenter, also known for hosting Brainiac: Science Abuse and Total Wipeout, referred to this previous incident, joked that May had now taken his crown "as the one who crashes."

On September 16, a Scandi Flick will be available on Prime Video, where the trio will travel across Norway, Sweden, and Finland for the first time since the COVID-19 epidemic.

Hammond is still grateful for having the chance to fulfill his passion, paying respect to the fans who have enabled his career.

"We've been incredibly fortunate that it became as big as it became and that we've been able to continue doing it as long as we have," he said. "We're very appreciative of the fact that we've been fortunate to be able to produce shows on the scale that we have."

A Scandi Flick will be available on Amazon Prime Video on September 16th.

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