In Destiny 2, how do you get the A Bit of Coin emblem?

In Destiny 2, how do you get the A Bit of Coin emblem? ...

Emblems are some of Destiny 2's most distinguishing features, which you can see whenever you open your profile, to yourself and your fireteam when you launch the Roster tab, and to all of your Bungie buddies when they open the Roster tab. Although it isn't pirate-themed as players anticipated (thats until the Solo Flawless Grasp of Avarice completion), it can still stand out among the competition.

The emblem for the fireteam list has a single star on an orange-to-yellow gradient that begins around the emblem, and the remainder appears to be a meteor shower or another celestial event. On the character screen, the large star on the left disappears, and the meteor shower lasts until the end of the screen.

The A Bit of Coin emblem's colors are definitely distinctive, and the design can be reminiscent of the Orbital Cartographer emblem you receive on the Moon, making it an interesting choice to display in your profile. Here's how you may add it to your collection.

In Destiny 2, how do you unlock the A Bit of Coin emblem?

After you reset your rank with the Star Chart for the first time, the A Bit of Coin emblem will appear in the Star Chart vendor's store. The emblem will not be displayed publicly alongside other rank-up rewards (including the Ascendant Shard you'll receive on your first reset).

Since Season of Plunder is a few weeks longer than its recent predecessors, and the seasonal title requires you to complete all Cryptic Quatrains quests, the last unlocking at level 16, because the game will not allow you to reset your rank without claiming the reward.

The best way to increase your reward is to do seasonal activities, such as Master Ketchcrash, which is used to obtain map fragments in Expedition missions. Either way, just engaging with Expedition and Ketchcrash will suffice to complete a complete reset.