CDawg and Abroad in Japan complete a 750km cycle across Hokkaido and raise $316,000 for the Immune Therapy Foundation

CDawg and Abroad in Japan complete a 750km cycle across Hokkaido and raise $316,000 for the Immune T ...

Connor CDawgVA Colquhoun and Chris Abroad in Japan completed their journeyall while raising over $310,000 for the Immune Therapy Foundation (IDF.)

The YouTube duo, best known for their individual content and occasional shared travel series Wacky Weekend, began their cycling journey on August 28 with the goal of traversing Hokkaido for personal accomplishment and charity.

AiJ video will be released in a few weeks, covering 8 days and 750km across Hokkaido. $300,000 raised for the Immune Therapy Foundation

For a number of reasons, CDawg streamed the majority of the experience live on Twitch over the eight days he was there. His stream also included a map to track the pairs' positions and progress, as well as text-to-speech features that were connected to the Welsh creators' bike.

From cycling uphill in a storm to avoiding close calls with everyone's favorite anime character Truck-kun, the journey ended with a total of $316,469.69 raised for the IDF community over the eight days. According to TwitchTracker, CDawg viewed 17,408 people at the start of the stream.

I'm doing my best to avoid becoming a shady isekai protag

CDawg chose to support the IDF community partially due to its importance to his friend and popular VTuber Ironmouse, who has openly discussed her battle with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID). Ironmouse would often co-stream the cycling and encourage her community to support the event.

I remember being so frightened not knowing anything about having a PID and trying to learn everything I could to help ease my worries. I hope we can continue to raise awareness for all people with PID out there and raise awareness for plasma donation.

All of the videos for the entire trip are currently available on CDawgs' YouTube VOD channel, and a highly-produced video of the entire trip will be released to Abroad in Japan in the coming weeks, as Chris and his team filming for a video throughout the trip.