Silas Blissett, a serial murderer on Hollyoaks, strikes again in a post-credits sequence

Silas Blissett, a serial murderer on Hollyoaks, strikes again in a post-credits sequence ...

Hollyoaks will have spoilers soon.

Silas Blissett, the infamous Hollyoaks serial killer who plays him on a number of occasions, has returned to the Channel 4 soap's characters tonight.

Silas has returned to our screens for the first time since his return was announced. Previously, he had been a threatening, dark presence in the McQueens' lives for a while, specifically, through text messages with his great-grandson, Bobby (Jayden Fox), attempting to turn him against his family and control him for himself.

Bobby informed his mother Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) that he was attempting to protect her from Silas, but that they'll never be safe. Later, policeman Sam (Matthew McGivern) informed Mercedes that they have Silas in custody after they discovered him on CCTV. Mercedes promised to do everything possible to prevent this "nightmare."

Mercedes tried to follow through on its promise by carrying a revolver to the police station in a bid to capture Silas when he arrived, but the man who claimed to be Silas turned out to be Mick, an imposter of Silas. Mick taunted and threatened Mercedes, claiming that Silas is coming for her and her family.

"He knew you'd be here. And he told me to send on a message... He's coming for you," Mick said.

Mercedes received a photo of Mick at the police station posing as Silas. A note was then attached to the photograph advising Mercedes that "this time, I'm really coming for you".

Silas finally appeared on our screen. He said he'll tie up a few loose ends and then just wait, while demonstrating the significance of the picture posted through Mercedes' letterbox.

"It will intimidate Mercedes and put her on her guard. When I dont come up, shell becomes impatient and assumes she's safe," Silas said.

The two then toasted over a glass of wine, but viewers realized how brutal and brutal Silas can be as it was revealed that he had murdered Mick by poisoning him. Before removing his infamous cap, Silas thanked his pal for his service.

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