The Tower of Fantasy leak reveals new cosmetics for NPCs

The Tower of Fantasy leak reveals new cosmetics for NPCs ...

Mi-a, everyones favorite kitchen helper in the RPG game, is shown in a few new Tower of Fantasy leaks, where you can sample foods and earn party-wide bonuses at certain times of the day.

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 is expected to be released sometime in fall 2022, with a recent cosmetics leak on Reddit and other leaks before it, suggesting Mia would follow you around physically, similar to Paimon in Genshin Impact, except without wings and fairy powers. It's possible that the leaked Mia skins coincide with the new follow-me-Mia feature, though as far as gacha game skins go, they're reasonably priced.

The majority of gacha game skins cost you about $30 or more, or at least the premium ones. Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasys closest competitor, priced them slightly lower, with standard skins costing about $18 and speciality ones approaching the $30 price point.

In either direction, the leaked outfits, which include Mia with a panda bear backpack, MIa dressed as a panda bear, and Mia as a maid, should be officially announced sometime in the lead-up to Tower of Fantaasy 2.0, so expect more on these and other skins soon.

The open-world Hotta Studios experience is a great way to earn free stuff, as it's always worth it. Here's a list of all of the Tower of Fantasy characters currently available, including Frigg and Samir, the ice warrior with the greatest combat potential in the game.