Penelope Garcia Video for Criminal Minds Season 16

Penelope Garcia Video for Criminal Minds Season 16 ...

We are always happy to provide any hint that we may as we prepare for the release of Criminal Mindsseason 16 on Paramount+. Today, that includes of course getting a new video from Penelope Garcia herself in Kristen Vangsness!

Garcia is back on set and displaying her signature look as filming for new episodes begins. The new season should last ten episodes and should feel both nostalgic and fresh all at the same time. She displays a genuine affection for her colleagues at the BAU.

Watch our full discussion on the Criminal Mindsseason 15 finale here! In the meantime, please follow Matt and Jess on YouTube for more updates.

The officialCriminal MindsTwitter website deserves credit for retaining everyone engaged through what is sure to be a long time! Personally, wed be surprised if the show ends up returning before the end of the year. They do have a lot of good stuff on their plate already.

When Criminal Minds returns, we can only hope for more of what we love, but also opportunities to meet some of our favorite agents at the same time.

Penelope, please have a good day. #CriminalMinds

Criminal Minds (@criminalminds) is scheduled to air on September 2, 2022.