Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal): How to Finish the Containment Bay in Final Fantasy XIV

Containment Bay S1T7 (Unreal): How to Finish the Containment Bay in Final Fantasy XIV ...

Final Fantasy XIV now has the Containment Bay S1T7 Unreal Raid. Here, you will get a chance to face off against the evil creature Sephirot, while working together with a small team to defeat them. There are many other options to work through, many of which differ from the standard raid you completed at level 60.

How to beat Sephirot

After reaching the Heavensward expansion, finishing it, and reaching the Gods of Eld quest, you can unlock the standard Containment Bay S1T7 Raid. You will need to complete this once to get the Unreal version.

Sephirot will launch many party-wide attacks that will harm everyone at the beginning. It is recommended that your main tank for the battle do this as well.

The next attack Sephirot unleashes puts green orbs on the ground. One will be in the middle of the arena, the other three will form a T-shape on the ground. This is because, after these attacks, a damage stack will be placed on one damage dealer and one on a healer. This does not want to happen to your main tank.

After this phase, the main tank will return Sephirot to the middle of the arena and go through the same pattern. Now, everyone is waiting for another green orb to appear in the arena. When it does, everyone will want to stack right on the edge of the boss damage, waiting for the green orb to reach them.

During this process, several players will receive a Purple or Green AOE assault on top of them. When this happens, burst behind the boss and spread out and away from each other, with the one with the Purple stack going to the back wall. The boss will remain facing the Green orb and repeat this rotation at least three times.

Sephirot will scatter to one side of the arena, and two new enemies will appear. One is named Binah, while the other is named Binah. The Cochma will do some heavy damage while landing Magic vulnerabilities stacks, while the Binah will do magical damage. As your party recovers, you will need to defeat two Cochma and 12 Binah.

Sephirot is going to destroy the main floor before the second phase begins. We suggest having everyone stack at the center point, close to the north side, and then apply damage mitigation for a party-wide attack that will do some significant damage. When this happens, the stage will reappear beneath you, and a yellow flash will appear on the screen.

Everyone in the party will have an orange or green debuff as their physical defense, while the green one is your magical defense. Sephirot will place their hands out, one will be orange, and one will be green.

After the orbs explode, two circles will form, making them appear like huge towers, which is doing significant damage at this location. The ones with the orange debuff will want to stand on these towers. When they erupt, they will do no damage to them, but they will now receive tethers connecting them to Sephirot.

When the tethers go off, they will no longer do damage to the ones with the green debuff. While this is happening, the ones with the orange debuff will want to go to the far south side, and the ones with the green debuff will want to be under Sephirot, as many green orbs will grow in the middle of the arena.

Next, a healer and a damage party member will receive an Earthshaker. This means they will want to go to the arenas south side, opposite each other. However, your screen will flash yellow before these go off, so prepare to dodge another spike similar to the first part of the second phase.

Everyone will receive attack spreads following this attack, requiring everyone to spread out and away from one another. However, shortly after these attacks, two pillars will appear again. Your tanks will want to pick one to go into, apply damage mitigation, and take these severe blows for the party.

Once you have passed these attacks, the next series will knock your party back many times, and positioning is extremely critical. Wait here, and then return to the southeast part of the blue circle when a yellow flash appears.

Next, avoid the blue circle, but get to the center of the arena, on the outside of the glowing green orb growing on the southwest side; when the knockback happens, you will go to the far east side of the arena. The next circle to appear will be near your current position on the east side. You want to go outside, on the southwest part of it, and when it goes off, youll land on the southwest portion of the arena.

Now, you want to approach Sephirot on his south side of the arena and wait for him to knock you back to the south side. During this time, you and your party will have to deal with many enemies. There will be several Binahs and a Storm of Words close to your party. You will want to have a tank focus on the Binahs while Sephirot attacks them.

Everyone will want to stack on it, and Sephirot will do a small knockback, avoiding a sweep attack by Sephirot, putting everyone off the level. This process will continue until you defeat Sephirot.

Sephirot's arms will go down to one side of the arena and sweep everyone off to the other side. No green aura in the south of the arena will send everyone into the air.