Season 5 of The CW's Roswell, New Mexico, was canceled?

Season 5 of The CW's Roswell, New Mexico, was canceled? ...

We know that Tonight is the series finale of Rosewell, New Mexico, but did it really have to be that way? We know a lot of people wanted a season 5, and we tend to think that many of the cast and producers agree.

Sadly, this particular reboot-of-sorts just wasn't in the cards, even though it would have been nice to see.

What happened? As with many other things in television over the last six months, the CW's decision has to do with one thing more than any other: money. Nexstar Media Group is looking to break away from its current programming and to stop focusing on younger viewers. We expect more procedurals and unscripted programming, and certainly less overall shows than the network has had in recent years.

Roswell is just one of many victims that have been caused by this, as even before the sale executives were preparing to make changes. The only silver lining was that most of their programs were told in advance that this might be the final season. With that in mind, there was at least a chance for some closure here that is not provided by every canceled episode.

We believe that in theory, there may be a season 5 or a new reboot somewhere else, but nothing has been confirmed and we wouldnt count on it. The original Rosswelldoes are still relevant, though, and with that in mind, we cant just sit here and pretend that another revival somewhere else is fundamentally impossible.

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