Walkers will get a new name in Tales of Walking Dead

Walkers will get a new name in Tales of Walking Dead ...

Following are spoilers for Tales of the Walking Dead.

The zombies from the Walking Dead, previously known to fans as "Walkers", have been given their own name.

The names for the zombies in the Walking Dead universe, from walkers to biters to lurkers, have varied depending on which series you are watching.

During the latest episode, Tales of the Walking Dead revealed its own definitions for its zombies.

Naturalist Dr Chauncey Everett (Anthony Edwards) was seen studying "The Dead Sector," a no-man's land separated by a massive man-made trench on last Sunday's episode.

During the interview, he revealed his own definition of the zombies: "Homo mortuus," a term taken from the Latin words "Homo," which means "human," and "mortuus, which means dead.

The Walkers' only new name was revealed.

"My job is to observe, gather data, analyze it, and never interfere," Everett told Amy (Poppy Liu), a settler who came from the other side of the trench where they call Walkers "chompers."

Channing Powell, series writer at San Diego Comic-Con in July, stated that fans should not expect many familiar faces to appear during the show's first season.

The revelation came after executives announced the return of Samantha Morton's Alpha for the latest spin-off.

"Everybody else is new and will be a new face to the world and the audience," she said, "so you can have never seen The Walking Dead nor Fear the Walking Dead and start this series knowing everything you need to know.

"And it was really fun, we got to make these characters in the writers' room, and [the franchise's chief content officer Scott M Gimple] already had some ideas going into it, so everyone except from Alpha is new."

Season 11 of The Walking Dead will be available on AMC in the United States and STAR on Disney+ in the United Kingdom, followed by Tales of the Walking Dead, which will premiere on August 14.