John Legend Talks About His Family's Miscarriage And The Decision He Had To Make About Kanye

John Legend Talks About His Family's Miscarriage And The Decision He Had To Make About Kanye ...

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are two of the most popular celebrity couples in the world. During a number of years, fans have followed Teigen's EGOT-winning The Voice coach and cookbook author/social media star through a number of ups and downs, including Teigen's bullying scandal in 2021, the heated 2018 feud between Legend and Kanye West, and the recent joyful news that Legend and Teigen are expecting a second child.

What Did John Legend Say About Dealing With His Family's Miscarriage?

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were very ecstatic when Teigen revealed on Twitter that they were expecting their third child, and sadly, it was only a few weeks after the couple revealed that they had suffered a miscarriage. In a recent interview with The New Yorker, Legend said: "It's my pleasure to have such a wonderful lady."

This song has a hint of optimism. We're going to survive this, we'll cope, but we'll never be the same as we were prior to this loss. It's a way of forging you, and I think that's what it did for us.

Legend noted that a line from the song which states, in part, that grief was a teacher is absolutely true to him, and that while that time in their lives was certainly extremely difficult, it eventually resulted in his marriage to Teigen becoming stronger:

Chrissy felt that she had to disclose somethingIt felt dishonest and weird not to admit something happened.I was more receptive, because I'm more adamant about sharing pain than she is. But once she did it, I almost saw the value of her doing it. We still meet people who thank Chrissy for making them feel less alone.

What Did John Legend Say About Kanye West's Friendship?

When asked about Legend's childhood in Ohio, he went on to work with Kanye West on what would become his smash hit first album, The College Dropout. The two had been friends for many years before they began to despise West's views on politics and West's own presidential candidacy.

I do not know what will happen in the future, but he was incredibly irritated with me because I didnt support him, and I supported Joe Biden. Its up to him whether he can get past this.

John Legend appears to have released any displeasure he may have harbored about Kanye West's political actions, and is willing to repair fences if his famous former friend is able to do the same. Fortunately, Legend has plenty of good things going on in his own life with Chrissy Teigen and their growing family, so he won't need to spend much time worrying about West's return.