Season 5 of The Rookie: Lucy and Tim face a challenge

Season 5 of The Rookie: Lucy and Tim face a challenge ...

Are you ready for The Rookieseason 5 premiere? The police drama will resume on September 25, and we have a better idea of what lies ahead, and, naturally, what to be most excited about.

Lucy Bradford supporters can be assured that they will be working undercover again, but who knows what they will be doing this time around? We think that theyre starting to become more aware of their feelings than ever before, but there is a clear distinction between being aware of your feelings and then acting on them. That's something we 100% anticipate to be a part of the narrative as the show continues to progress.

For a myriad of reasons, this new season should prove to be one of the most ambitious that weve ever seen. We know a lot of these characters so well and were infinitely more invested in their lives. Especially when it comes to the possibility of a new spin-off in The Rookie: Fedsand. We tend to think that these two shows will be woven into each other at least when it makes sense.