Bluey's Father Teaches Me 4 Ways To Be A Better Father Myself

Bluey's Father Teaches Me 4 Ways To Be A Better Father Myself ...

Bluey was just dismissed by myself as another Peppa Pig knock-off. Not that there's anything wrong with Peppa Pig, though. It's fine, after all. It's a children's program, and it's not really intended for me.

But, this is what I've learned from several more viewings of Bluey: it's not one of the original Disney+ series to watch, but it's probably the show we're most familiar with (as well as all of the Disney+ MCU shows).

Because Bluey is a show for me. I mean, apart from being a show that my two children can thoroughly enjoy, it also has a lot of information that I can also learn from it. In fact, here are four ways that Bluey and Bingo's father, Bandit, has taught me to be a better father overall.

He is irritated with his children, but he refuses to yell at them.

Bandit Heeler is a saint, after all. They're just lovely kids. They're caring, thoughtful, and all of the above. But, like every young person, they can be annoying at times as well. Bluey is super impatient, and Bingo screams a lot. So, you know. They act like toddlers!

Despite it all, Bandit doesn't yell at his kids. Not even when they flush the toilet while he's trying to unclog it. And, believe it or not, I have channeled Bandit Heeler on a number of occasions when I get angry at my own children.

Bandit does not do that. He actually communicates to his children very much the same way I do with my pupils (that's correct, I'm also a teacher, by the way), and I always maintain a respectful, although firm, tone whenever they challenge me or try to harm me on purpose.

And, as Bandit talks to his own kids, I learned that I should do more of that with my own children, and less yelling whenever possible. What a world! I'm learning patience from a talking dog!

He spends time with his children, but also time with himself.

When you're out for a walk, you'll often see him lying on the couch, exhausted, or conversing with other grown-ups, and I love that. As a parent, I often find that I'm dedicating almost all of my time to my children, and I rarely take the time to take some time for myself. But, Bandit makes space for both me-time and his children, sometimes devising activities that they can do so well.

He is also a very kind husband. His wife, Chilli, is also very stressed out, and he'll often take the children out for his wife, too, because it's the right thing to do. And I want to be one.

He Teach His Children Games That They Can Also Enjoy

Bluey is an excellent program for parents, but it's also a great program for children to enjoy (I mean, duh, it IS a kid's program) because it provides excellent examples of ways for children to interact with their parents.

Bandit is always playing games with his kids in order to teach them a lesson, like in the excellent episode The Claw, where he pretended to be a crane, like those crane games at the arcade, and they had to do chores to pay for another go of him picking up their dolls.

I've since played this game with my own children, and they're all interested in it. The game, and the episode, are fantastic because they teach the importance of money, but also that life is unfair sometimes. I've chastised my children many times about not doing this, or being careful about that, but teaching them through fun activities is always better, and Bandit taught me that.

He Is A Big Kid Himself

With all the great family-friendly films, now seems to be the ideal time to be a parent, but what about me? I often forget that even though I am a parent, I'm still a big kid at heart (I mean, I recently debated whether Avatar: The Last Airbender or Attack on Titan has better lore, so the kid in me definitely exists), and Bandit proves to me that's fine.

Because Bandit often performs more than his children. Sometimes, his children tell him to stop, which in turn teaches them what poor behavior means. I need to remember that even though I pay bills and worry about my kids 24/7, I'm still a big, graying kid myself, and that I shouldn't forget that.

And, that's all there is to it. What do you think? Are you a big fan of Bluey? Stay tuned for more great kid's shows on this page!