Morty's Best MultiVersus Benefits

Morty's Best MultiVersus Benefits ...

MultiVersus is the hottest new fighting game that combines a slew of popular characters from across various intellectual properties.

Morty Smith from Rick and Morty was the first character to be added following the update, with Rick expected sometime later this season. Many players are already attempting to be the One True Morty.

These bonuses may vary depending on your individual playstyle, but theyll generally work for most Morty players. That being said, some of the best Morty bonuses include:

Best perks for Morty in MultiVersus

  • Signature Perk Im More Than Just a Hammer: When Morty summons Hammer Morty, Morty will spin in a circle hitting enemies around himself multiple times.
  • Perk One Ice to Beat You Your teams projectiles deal one stack of ice debuff if they knock enemies back, and two if stacked.
  • Perk Two Triple Jump: Your team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy while in the air. If stacked, your team always has an extra jump in the air.
  • Perk Three Coffeezilla: Your team receives a 10 percent reduced ability cooldown duration, and 15 percent if stacked.

Morty is a Brawler, able to deal damage up close and personal. Because of this, the hallmark reward Im More Than Just a Hammer can be an invaluable tool that transforms every Hammer Morty combo from Morty into the next Finns backpack, putting you around for many hits.

Morty may be in the Brawler class, but he does still possess a fair amount of bullets. Using the Ice to Beat You reward to temporarily slow down your foes with your various projectiles will ensure that youre the fastest on the map.

After hitting an enemy off the side, getting stuck in the air without a jump to help you recover can be difficult on any character, but when you're teleporting as Morty, you should always ensure you have a different means out. By enabling the Triple Jump, youll at least have an additional opportunity to get out of any tight spots.

Morty has his fair share of special attacks, while Mage is usually more associated with his abilities. This will leave you with no abilities. By using Coffeezilla, you can ensure that youre getting a boost in your ability cooldowns.