Can you catch a shiny Elygem in Pokemon Go? September 6, 2022

Can you catch a shiny Elygem in Pokemon Go? September 6, 2022 ...

Elygem is a difficult Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go. It only appears occasionally, and it can be seen as a boosted spawn in events, or you can hatch it from an egg. It doesnt appear too often, making it a dangerous Pokemon to add to your collection. The same applies for this Pokemon's shiny version.

Does Elygem have a shiny version in Pokemon Go?

Elygem does have a shiny version in the mobile game. The shiny version was added for the Psychic Spectacular 2022 event, and it provided a new chance to catch it in the wild. Both have a small probability of offering a shiny version, but they are difficult to find.

The usual Elygems version will have green eyes, while the shiny one will have bright pink eyes. The same applies for Elygems' evolved form, Beheeyem. The only difference between this version is that a normal Beheeyem will have green eyes and hands, while the shiny version will have blue ones.

Elygem will be released from the wild during other Psychic-related events on September 6 to 12. It will be much harder to find outside of any event. You may want to check out any Pokemon Go-related event to see if Elygem is featured.