The Walking Dead star dismisses reports that Alpha's original story was 'inconsistent.'

The Walking Dead star dismisses reports that Alpha's original story was 'inconsistent.' ...

Samantha Morton, who plays the Walking Dead, has retaliated against claims that her character's origin story was "inconsistent."

During Sunday's episode, Tales of the Walking Dead fans saw another Alpha origin story. However, some followers of the series claimed that the story contradicted a previous origin story that featured the character.

Fans were left questioning where Beta was going when it came to Alpha's original origin story, which featured the character so prominently.

Others questioned why Alpha's head was shaved when she meets Beta before she becomes a Whisperer, but later not shaved when she meets the Whisperers for the first time.

Morton has reacted angrily to claims that the writers made errors with the episode, and revealed that she was "very" involved in its development.

"There's no inconsistency at all," said the author. I was involved in the development of it with Channing [Powell], and there's no inconsistency," she told Digital Spy.

"I think that the episode is named Dee, and that says it all."

Alpha led the Whisperers, a group of survivors who blend in by disguised themselves as zombies in order to remain unnoticed in The Walking Dead, though Morton appeared to be playing a version of the character before she became Alpha in the anthology spin-off series.

Alpha will be the only familiar face featured in Tales of the Walking Dead, according to the show's producers.

"Everybody else is new and will be a new face to the world and the public," said series writer Channing Powell at Comic-Con in July.

"So you can have no time to watch The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead, and start this series knowing everything you need to know, really.

"And it was really fun, because we got to write these characters in the writers' room, and [the franchise's chief content officer Scott M Gimple] already had some ideas going into it, so everyone except Alpha is new."

Season 11 of The Walking Dead will be broadcast on AMC in the United States and STAR on Disney+ in the United Kingdom. Tales of the Walking Dead premiered on August 14, but there is no UK release date yet.