Ward's methods for boosting his standing in League of Legends

Ward's methods for boosting his standing in League of Legends ...

When it comes to League of Legends, being mechanically gifted, it is vital. Picking champions that are in the meta will increase your odds against opponents with weaker champions, but youll still need to outplay them to make a difference.

To be successful in any matchup, you'll need all the extra information you can get on the map. Wards are one of the most underrated items in League, especially in the lower ranks. Warding is mostly linked to the support role, but it doesnt mean that you can't place your own wards to protect yourself from being ambushed by the enemy team.

Before warding, most League players make a common mistake, which might cost you your life. No one wants their teammate dying for a ward, especially when they know it might have been placed in a better position.

If you use Summoners Rift's terrain to your advantage, your wards will be difficult to detect because opponents will only see them when you cast them most of the time. This will increase your chances of winning, since you'll be able to choose higher ranks in the process.

Here are a few of the most essential wards you can create around Summoners Rift to ensure your and your team remain safe while destroying objectives.

Bot lane wards

The bot lane is often the most crowded place on the map. A total of four champions collide, and the numbers may quickly rise if the junglers and mid laners decide to rotate down. More often than not, youll need to return to safety.

Most junglers will try to gank your lane from angles you dont have the vision of to make sure you cant react. By their current position on the map, they may not have vision of the river ahead of them.

The warding spots on bot lanes are fairly straightforward, but youll need to make sure you dont get picked off while attempting to treat.

When you're pushed back to your tower on the red side of the bot lane, you'll lose a lot of vision. You won't have access to the river, so you'll be basically stuck to your side of the map. This will allow the enemy jungler to sneak closer to the river's path and wait for an opportunity there as the lane turns back to the blue side.

If a ward is placed on a wall that isnt accessible by champions, the map will be pushed back and forth. This means if you try placing a ward on the top of a wall, youll fail, and your ward will appear at a distant random location.

To place the following ward from the safety of your tower, you may abuse this mechanic.

Stick to the wall next to your left, and look for the rock that divides the small waterfall in two. Putting the ward to the left of that rock will push it to the river's brush, allowing you to keep an eye on ganks.

When you're on the blue side, your enemy will likely notice you placing it because they'll be under their turrets' vision, or they'll simply notice you rotating there. Even then, the enemy jungler will not be able to approach from that angle, and you'll have fewer difficulties.

Junglers with mobility may choose to take a walk off the red side of the jungle and enter the lane behind its tower, since that is your only chance of survival. The following ward will give you complete vision over the area, so you can react in time if an enemy champion attempts to disrupt your day.

This one is likely to be one of the toughest wards to master because youll need to place the ward outside of its cast area. It's possible to place your wards slightly outside of their regular range if an object is blocking you. Go into the wall next to the three trees, left of the brush in the river. Place your cursor where the wall next to the tri-brush ends.

The placement of the ward in the exact right position will keep the tri-brush stuck in the brush, and youll have better vision of the area. We strongly encourage you to try it out in the Practice Tool until you master it, as you'll save a ward during a real match.

The concept of the tri-brush isn't just beneficial to the blue teams bot lane; it opens up a new ganking route for the blue teams jungler when the red team is heavily pushed underneath their tower.

After picking up the opposition's blue buff and Gromp, the tri-brush becomes the perfect spot to get into the lane and dive. Keeping a ward inside this tri-brush can allow you to disengage and abandon your turret in the event of an enemy jungler, which is generally a better scenario than sacrificing two kills.

Place the ward just before the tree ends and another one starts. Doing so will push the ward to the tri-brush and give you much-needed vision.

When you're playing aggressively against the blue team, its only natural that you'll be pushing the wave under the blue teams turret. Though the blue team has an easier time warding their tri-brush, it may cause the red teams support to miss a bit of experience if they go all the way near it for putting a ward there.

The following warding position will allow you to spend the least time away from the lane, while keeping your ADC safe.

Try placing the ward where the most left tree ends, and the rock section of the terrain starting.

This isnt one of the trickyniest wards on our list, although it may take you a few attempts to master it. Having successfully placed this ward will propel it to the blue teams tri-brush.

Useful wards for mid and top laners

Solo laners may appear to have everything figured out from a support player's perspective, but they also need vision as much as anyone on your team. They do not want to miss a single minion in the process, which can result in a momentarily level disadvantage.

There are many ways to gank a mid-laner, but diving will always be the most soul-crushing. While youll need to place a ward around the river in most instances, there will also be occasions that youll need to place a ward behind you in case a jungler attempts to wrap around.

This spot may look like any other on our list, but you'll need to pay attention to the trunk you'll be aiming at. You must place it just below the leaf in the middle section of it, otherwise it won't give you vision inside the brush.

When the blue sides top laner are under pressure, it can be quite difficult to reach the river. However, youll need to be precise because putting it incorrectly can send it to a completely irrelevant location.

Approach the right side of the stone section of the walls and get as close as possible. This ward requires a lot of practice to operate, so you should try it out inside the Practice Tool.

Objective wards

Each objective on Summoners Rift has the potential to start a fight. No Baron/drake attempt will be completely safe unless you eliminate everyone on the enemy team, and the same applies for towers. Most objective fights favor the side that comes in later to stop the team that is taking the objective. This advantage may be negligible if the gold difference between the two squads is great.

If you're attempting to accomplish an objective, you can reduce the likelihood that the enemy team sneaks up on you by placing well-placed wards.

The blue team will have four different angles they can take from their side of the map if they want to defeat Baron on the red side. Putting a ward for each of them will be a breeze for your team because the spots are quite open throughout the entire process.

If you get picked off, things for the blue team arent that straightforward. Without the following wards, youd need to step on the enemys side of the map.

The key to getting as close to the pits edge as possible is to position the ward in the correct spot. Since your champion will start running to place it if you arent clicking on the right spot.

The one you need to keep an eye on is the top lane of the Red Buff. It's right next to a Baron's pit. It's an excellent spot for top laners to rotate into a Baron fight, and it may even help you win a teamfight if it turns into a chase.

Place your ward in the tri-bush by getting close to the left side of the pit and clicking on the green part between the edges of the two stones.

The blue team will have the same advantage when it comes to the drake pit, like the red team who has the advantage of approaching from high-ground around the Baron pit.

You must place a couple of wards as a member of the red team so that the blue team can only dream of taking your dragons.

Your wards range indicator will be just outside of the brush, but you can still place it inside by moving your cursor slightly outside the circle.

This drake ward is a little more difficult to maneuver than the first. There is a gap between the pit and the tri-bush you're trying to ward. You can zoom in a bit for your first attempts, and there will be a snail. Putting your ward precisely on top of that snail will plunge your ward right into the tri-bush.

The invade/late-game deep wards

The next two ward spots have a variety of uses. They can be useful in attempting to avoid an invasion at the start of the game, or they can be useful in recognizing anyone approaching you late in the game.

Both wards will need to be placed on the Golem camp wall, but youll have to make a decision based on whats going on in your match.

When and where should you use different wards for control and stealth?

Il est egalement vital to explain how to maximize the efficiency between stealth wards and control wards now that we have discussed techniques on how to place wards across the map.

Stealth wards are invisible wards that provide vision of the surrounding area for 90 to 120 seconds, depending on the average of all champion levels. Each player may only have three stealth wards on the map at the same time.

Control wards are limited to one ward on the map at a time per player. The main difference between the stealth ward and the control ward is the ability to reveal (and disable) enemy wards, traps, and camouflaged champions. In addition, control wards must be purchased at a price of 75 gold.

It's recommended to use the control ward in ways that are difficult to see by the enemies. Rather than items that grant you vision, you'll most likely want your stealth wards placed more aggressively and farther into the enemy's base.

When battling a dragon or baron, it's better to keep the stealth wards hidden inside the pit. By doing so, you can determine whether or not enemies have vision of the objective and use that information to your advantage. If you're a jungler, it can also be a good strategy to sneak and kill drakes alone.

Utilizing one or the other in an infinite amount of situations might be more beneficial. Keeping these minor guidelines in mind should assist you in taking your warding game to the next level.