For a New Season, Wheel Of Fortune has updated its puzzle board

For a New Season, Wheel Of Fortune has updated its puzzle board ...

Long-running TV series evolve as time goes on. When it comes to game shows, some change their sets or even modify rules within the competition. Wheel of Fortune is a well-known game show that has been around since the mid-1970s, and has undergone some changes since. However, the iconic puzzle board that's handled by Vanna White is getting an upgrade (and hopefully won't bother Pat Sajak too much).

The upcoming Wheel of Fortune season will be a bit different, as the puzzle board will be a full LED display. Subsequent visitors, however, claimed to have seen the aforementioned LED display, and audience reports later indicated that Pat Sajak and Vanna White were talking about the Lidar (light detection and ranging) technology.

This is a significant shift in technology, especially considering how iconic the puzzle board is. However, the new technology does appear to be quite impressive.

Lidar technology is capable of monitoring where Vanna White presses on the screen, most likely making it easier to reveal letters. It would appear that the producers made the decision to modify things in order to keep the game running more smoothly. It should definitely help those who screw up easy puzzles, who should be interested in seeing how the LED board turns out.

When Season 40 premieres, fan reactions to the new board are expected to be surprising. When Season 39 premiered last year, some people were displeased to hear new music on the long-running game show.

The people involved in Wheel of Fortune have certainly clingered to their place in pop culture throughout its decade-long existence, as have the artists. Pat Sajak celebrated his 40th birthday last year, and, on top of that, Sajak achieved another incredible milestone earlier this year. I'm sure that he and Vanna White will have no problems adapting to the new board, and fans will probably not have too much to say about it when they tune in.