The Suspect Episode 2 Review: The Plot Thins. The Show Also Grows More Thinn

The Suspect Episode 2 Review: The Plot Thins. The Show Also Grows More Thinn ...

Doctor OLoughlin, for a brilliant man you are a very silly kid. In episode two of ITV's crime thriller The Suspect, based on the novel by Michael Robotham, the clinical psychologist with the previously perfect life has learned absolutely no lessons from episode one.

A young woman is discovered murdered, stabbed 21 times (it appears she has already stabbed herself, or been forced to do so) and buried in a shallow grave in a cemetery. Either by accident, or for nefarious reasons, OLoughlin talked himself into consulting on the case by muscling in on a young detective (Anjli Mohindra) and some sex workers he knows.

Afterwards, once he is brought to the morgue to see the body, he claims to not recognize the woman but sneaks back into the room by memorizing the code, foolishly (we guess) assuming a police morgue would not have CCTV up the wazoo.

Then he goes on to NOT notify the cops:

  • She was a patient of his.
  • Who accused him of sexual assault.
  • And who had also very recently applied to work as his receptionist.

He DOES tell police that he and his family were at the cemetery the day they discovered the body, which is also quite suspicious. So obviously they believe he committed the murder.

OLoughlin continues to pursue his habit of refusing to reveal anything to cops that they might easily discover for themselves, making himself more suspicious with every passing moment.

Catherine, the victim of the episode, was a bit obsessed with him, that she would wear make-up and perfume to appointments, that she attempted to kiss him, and that she attempted to take off her clothes during a session. Is OLoughlin going to tell the cops, anyway?

If the doctor turns out to be responsible for the crime and is just really stupid, we find him spiraling further down the rabbit hole of paranoia or perhaps guilt.

More came from the subplot involving OLoughlins patient Bobby, a strange lad with psychological difficulties who assaulted a woman at a taxi rank, and the fact that he uses the term death by a thousand cuts to describe his mother's death (Ok, the guy does have issues), as well as the odor of chloroform OLoughlin claims Bobby has on him.

Is OLoughlin attempting to engulf Bobby (as the cops suspect and DI Ruiz played by the excellentShaun Parkes, is getting increasingly exasperated)? Is Bobby attempting to deceive OLoughlin? (Obviously yes), and now some unknown stranger has paid 500 for the whale picture at a school auction.

Another thing to look out for in the series going forward is a rather lovely chap DJ (Tom McKay) who has been working on the OLoughlins pipes, has installed a new boiler, and has discovered some serious damage under the floorboards. We think DJ was clever enough to deter the paps from bothering OLoughlins' wife after he was finally arrested. By the end of ep 2 we have already established DJ will be returning to the house the next day to

Regardless, our bet is on him playing a significant role.

OLoughlin had his Parkinson's diagnosis, went on a bender around Soho till ten and then disappeared off the radar till he came home at 12, but his wife denied that he was there during the evening when he heard him taking a shower. Or so he says, unless he's completely lying, we will accept it.

Favourite line from the episode :

You have nothing! You have an appointment on a calendar and a phone call to my office. You have nothing.

Catherines handbag and phone were discovered by the cops. She had a calendar appointment to meet with a Judge, and the last number she called was his office.

To recap, they also have:

When the body was discovered, he stood at the cemetery.

In the cemetery, his fingerprints are on a spade.

Accusation of assault by victim.

He lies about her. He lies about her job application.

He returns to the body sneakily and lies about the door being open.

Knowledge of chloroform's impact on the body

After about 10pm, there was no alibi (as far as the cops are aware).

That's a lot, according to circumstantial evidence.

The person who is supposedly setting him up is doing a fantastic job. Unless, as previously mentioned, he is guilty and stupid. Join us next week for more Adventures of the Silly Doctor and the Clever Plumber.

On Mondays at 9pm, The Suspect airs on ITV. Episodes may be streamed on the ITV Hub. Read our review of episode one of The Suspect.

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