Season 3 of Only Murders on the Building: Emmys' Impact

Season 3 of Only Murders on the Building: Emmys' Impact ...

Isnt this week a great week to be a fan ofOnly Murders in the Building? We tend to think so for many reasons. The Hulu comedy has already been renewed for a third season, and it's already a three-time Emmy winner!

After the main awards show took place last night, the show won awards for Guest Actor (Nathan Lane), Outstanding Sound Mixing (Lindsey Alvarez, Mathew Waters, Joseph White Jr., and Alan DeMoss).

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Is it possible that all of this publicity will have an impact on the future ofOnly Murders on Hulu? If so, it will be in a positive light, and it might encourage Hulu and its producers to keep doing what theyve been doing till this point next year, and wed love to see James Caverly cast as Theo. Some of his performances with Lanes Teddy in season 1 were fantastic, but he was unfortunately snubbed from the category.