The updated Phasmophobia roadmap promises significant changes to the horror game

The updated Phasmophobia roadmap promises significant changes to the horror game ...

Kinetic Games has released a new Phasmophobia roadmap for the remainder of 2022 and until 2023, including a number of anticipated improvements for the horror game, including overhauled weather and completely rebuilt ghosts. The roadmap release coincides with the big Phasmophobia custom difficulty update that introduces custom difficulties alongside a smaller asylum map as fans requested.

Updates are being distributed further on the new Phasmophobia roadmap, but Kinetic assured fans that this does not imply that theyll have to wait months for new content to be released.

The Steam update now more accurately represents what we achieved this year and what we intend to accomplish in the future. We want to be transparent and realistic in our intentions so we don't have to postpone things in the future or force mini updates to fill gaps.

This new roadmap allows for a bit of extra room for things to go wrong, because development does not always go as planned, and that just means we can be ahead of schedule and update updates earlier.

Instead of being delivered separately, new locations and modifications to existing ones will be launched along with these updates.

Kinetic intends to release a major lighting overhaul and an update to the weather systems in 2022. The most significant change is to progression, and it is so big that Kinetic intends to release three parts sometime in 2023.

The progression update will include new equipment, substantial adjustments to leveling, new challenges, and modifications to existing equipment. Also planned for 2023 is Kinetic's Horror 2.0. This broad term encompasses a number of equally substantial improvements, such as new effects and ghost models, as well as completely revamped models for every ghost.

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