The entire House of the Dragon premiere is now available for free on HBO

The entire House of the Dragon premiere is now available for free on HBO ...

HBO is sending a clear message when it comes to the huge success of House of the Dragonat present.

The whole series premiere of HBO's HBO Max streaming service was decided to post it on their YouTube late last week, although we don't often see it from HBO, but we think there are a couple of primary reasons behind it: A way to remind viewers that this program is worth watching after Game of Thrones, and then also a direct shot at Amazon's Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerover. (It may be unfair to compare the two shows constantly, but we will say that for the time being, House

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There is no denying how incredible a success this show has been since its debut. There was no assurance that this would be a show that would appeal to viewers who left the franchise, but it has easily turned out to be the case. In particular, the battle sequence at the Stepstones in episode 3 was the stuff of wonder and threw us right back into this world.

With that in mind, we know that HBO has already confirmed a season 2 renewal, and the next thing to think about is simply this: How many other spin-offs might this series watch? Is there a larger limit that it may reach someday?

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