According to IMDB, the Top 10 Pixar Films are

According to IMDB, the Top 10 Pixar Films are ...

Pixar, an animation studio, has been enticing viewers for over two decades. They've created a wide range of funny, heart-warming films for the whole family, as well as some of cinema's most famous recent characters.

With their next film, Elemental, which was a rare misstep for the company, there's no doubt that they'll return to form. Though it's difficult to pick a favorite Pixar film, IMDB is here to help highlight some of the studio's best.

'The Incredibles' (8.0 Stars)

The Fantastic Four is about to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, there will be a lot of work to be done in creating a more interesting superhero family than the Parrs. The Parr family, of course, are the bickering, tightly-knit animated super team in matching red outfits first introduced in Brad Bird's The Incredibles.

The animation and dialogue are outstanding, but what's most impressive is the fact that each character's ability is representative of their personality. Violet is shy, and she can become invisible. Frozone is effortlessly cool, and he has ice powers.

'Ratatouille' (8.0 Stars)

A rat infiltrates the kitchen of a fancy French restaurant, and you're not alone. Ratatouille is a marvellous film.

Brad Bird played a significant role in the film, co-writing and co-directing it, and his trademark humor and intelligence are evident throughout. Remy, played by Patton Oswalt, is one of Pixar's most beloved characters. His drive, passion, and no-quit attitude are just three reasons that Ratatouille is the 221st greatest film ever made.

'Monsters, Inc' (8.1 Stars)

Monstropolis is by far the coolest place seen in a Pixar film. The gigantic city is meticulously planned, with the writers ensuring that even the smallest detail is accurate, whether that be wet dog deodorant or the coffee grounds they consider.

Monsters, Inc has everything that audiences want in an animated film: vivid, dynamic characters (particularly Billy Crystal and John Goodman), and a plot that keeps both adults and children on the edge of their seats. Luckily, fans may return to Monstropolis again soon when season two of Monsters At Work arrives on Disney+.

'Inside Out' (8.1 Stars)

Inside Out is a film that almost everyone can relate to. Riley is forced to relocate from the Midwest to San Francisco, which triggers some quite extreme reactions from her emotions - Joy, Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness.

Inside Out is not only fun to watch, but it is also one of Pixar's most moving films in recent years. Bill Hader, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kaling are just three of the remarkable cast, and the film's unique narrative keeps things fresh throughout.

'Finding Nemo' (8.1 Stars)

It's hard to believe that almost two decades have passed since audiences first saw Marlin's (Albert Brooks) epic journey to reunite with his lost son. Finding Nemo took audiences to the depths of the Great Barrier Reef, revealing how much sacrifice Marlin would go to protect his only son and the incredible people he encountered along the way.

Finding Nemo, a fish tank heist escape, a demented fish-murdering toddler, and a severely forgetful fish, has won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film and is considered the 153rd best film of all time by IMDB.

'Up' (8.2 Stars)

It's safe to assume that you're a robot if the first ten minutes of Up don't dull you down to a blubbering mess. Carl's decade-spanning relationship with his late wife, Ellie, is as heartbreaking and as good an opening to a film as you're ever likely to see.

Carl's immediate dismissal of Russell only makes his eventual friendship with the boy that much more satisfying. Up is a lovely exploration of loss and hope, which is probably why IMDB considers it to be the 112nd best film of all time.

'Toy Story 3' (8.3 Stars)

Woody (Tom Hanks) saying his final goodbyes to Andy seemed like the end of their childhoods. Toy Story 3 was the perfect conclusion to the Toy Story trilogy (yes, they later directed a fourth film).

Andy is about to leave for college and the toys knowing that they will no longer be used, they go to Sunnyside daycare, where they find themselves under the rule of a nasty, strawberry-scented teddy bear. It's no surprise that IMDB has named it the 85th greatest film of all time.

'Coco' (8.3 Stars)

Coco, a film set mostly in the Land Of The Dead, sounds different from a Pixar film, but it has all of the Pixar hallmarks, including heart, humor, and stunning animation. The film follows Miguel, a young aspiring musician who goes to the Land Of The Dead to track down his great-great-grandfather, a legendary singer.

Coco is a must-see film, and the characters are well-developed, honest, and relatable. Pixar is well-known for directing emotional films, and Coco is no exception. Be prepared to laugh and cry if you do see Coco.

'Toy Story' (8.3 Stars)

Toy Story is a timeless classic, though it isn't quite the same as previous Pixar films, because the animation holds up exceptionally well, considering Toy Story was the first film to be entirely computer animated. These are the characteristics that set the bar high for Pixar to attract big names and round out their voices.

Toy Story is a fantastic film, and the characters are likable, resilient, and the narrative is fast-paced, and enjoyable. We should all be eternally grateful that it exists.

'Wall-E' (8.4 Stars)

Wall-E is one of the most profound animated films of all time. The film, which is set in the distant future, follows Wall-E, a waste-collecting robot who accidentally finds himself in the middle of a major space adventure after falling in love with Eva, a much more sophisticated robot.

Wall-E goes about his business and compacts trash, before returning it to his house. This is one of the most heartwarming scenes in any Pixar film, as neither Eva nor Wall-E can speak up in a wide range of ways, making it no surprise that IMDB considers it to be the greatest Pixar film ever.