Dont Worry Darling receives 5-minute applause at the Venice Film Festival, but the early reviews are mixed

Dont Worry Darling receives 5-minute applause at the Venice Film Festival, but the early reviews are ...

Dont Worry Darling, a 1950s psychological thriller, will be released later this month. Days after Cate Blanchetts Tar performed at the Venice Film Festival, Dont Worry Darling has now been screened at the event in a different light.

Dont Worry Darlings' world premiere took place at the Venice Film Festival, and as reported by Deadline, the audience chanted for five minutes after the event ended, including actors Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, and Gemma Chan. Deadlines' own review describes this sort of a cross between Get Out and The Stepford Wives and Rosemarys' Baby as being fun.

Dont Worry Darling is, on its own terms, quite entertaining if you are in the mood, even if Wildes candy-coated psychological thriller does not alter the genre's rules in any significant way.

Dont Worry Darling, which first appeared in May, was described by Variety as a fine, if not exceptional film that adds a significant twist, and it was praised particularly for Florence Pugh and Harry Styles' performances.

Dont Worry Darling should have no trouble finding a following, given its pop appeal, fantastic dream images, and the presence of Harry Styles in his first leading role. However, the film takes you on a journey that becomes increasingly less enjoyable as the movie progresses.

THR is on the less positive end of the critical spectrum, which calls Dont Worry Darling the umpteenth Stepford Wives knockoff that is technically well-crafted and has some impressive performances, but falls short of achieving its inevitable Big Reveal.

Wilde's high-concept, low-satisfaction psychological thriller is a significant departure from the Booksmart character-driven coming-of-age comedy, and she handles the physical aspects of the project with competence. It's just a shame all the effort has gone into a script that lacks any disarming freshness.

Dont Worry Darling was rated by USA Today with a 2.5 out of 5 stars, highlighting that Olivia Wilde's second collaboration with writer Katie Silberman isn't as sparky as Booksmart, and even implying that there's a lack of connection between Florence Pugh and Harry Styles in the film.

Wilde's follow-up film envisions a happy (at least for the 1950s-loving crowd) community where there's something sinister going on underneath the happy-shirt exterior. However, the narrative themes (which do tend to lean timely) lack depth and depth.

Dont Worry Darling will be released on September 23 in cinemas. See what other movies are scheduled for the remainder of the year in our 2022 release schedule.