Worth the wait: XSET crushes FPX to top group C in VALORANT Champions 2022

Worth the wait: XSET crushes FPX to top group C in VALORANT Champions 2022 ...

After some serious health issues hospitalized members of FPX and postponed their match against XSET, the two teams finally met in the Group C winners match, with a playoff spot at VALORANT Champions up for grabs.

Both sides took turns back and forth in a very even match. XSETs attack side BcJ used Neon to widen the gap and close the distance, while BcJ racked up a ton of precise kills on Fade. But FPX made a number of impressive saves, most especially on the A site, leading to a 6-6 tie.

"BcJ WINS THE FADES' BATTLE" @BcJFPS | #VALORANTChampions pic.twitter.com/a2yEzPnHY3

With a bonus round retake, XSET strengthened their lead early on defense, highlighting another big play by BcJ. The Zekken/BcJ duo continued to chase down information and FPX attackers, giving the Copenhagen champions little chance to get onto sites in the final round of regulation, defeating Pearl 13-7.

FPX appeared much more confident and capable on the attack side of their pick, Fracture. FPX was able to get onto sites very quickly, with ardiis picking off plenty of XSET players on Chamber. XSET almost finished with five first-half rounds if it hadn't been for a clutch ardiis defuse denial.

CLUTCHING UP TO END THE HALF @ardiis | #VALORANTChampions pic.twitter.com/wIedj03bAF

FPX's dominance on Fracture carried over to defense, with ardiis continuing to make incredible plays with Chambers' utility, including an incredible 3K with his ultimate to secure the bonus round. Ardiis was the force behind FPX's flawless defense, which rolled over XSET on Fracture 13-4 to win the series.

XSET started strong on defense on Breeze, spending time preparing for FPX's timeout, then taking rounds via advantageous retakes, leading to a 5-1 lead before an FPX timeout, and Cryo picked FPX apart with the Operator round after round.

ZEKKEN IS A CLUTCH MONSTER @zekkenVAL | #VALORANTChampions pic.twitter.com/Ji5tvNQRe7

XSET took a dramatic 12-1 lead after a successful attacking pistol round, powered by some ice-cold shots from Cryo. FPX began to string together some defensive rounds with their backs against the wall, but a Viper and Cypher ultimate secured the final attack round for XSET, as well as the stunning 2-1 series victory.

All four top seeds out of the eight groups have now been determined with the victory. OpTic, Leviatan, and XSET have already advanced to the playoffs in the Americas region. All three EMEA teams will play their own do-or-die decider match starting Wednesday, Sept. 7.